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Did You Know That…

Dave Yaras was born in Chicago and worked as a hit man for Sam Giancana. Yaras was also a close associate of Jimmy Hoffa, president of the Teamsters Union and helped establish Teamster Local 320 in Miami.

He is also responsible for one of the most gruesome mob hits of all time…

Dave and two other Chicago Outfit accomplices took part in a 48 hour torture session on an informant in 1961.

They shot him in the knees, stripped him naked and cut his limbs open with an with ice pick. After doing this they hung him from his anus on a meat hook where they started to beat him with baseball bats. After this they used a cattle prod on his testicles before searing his body with a blow torch before eventually burning his penis off.

Once this was done they removed him from the hook and disemboweled him.