Three years ago, Christian Cipollini was the first person to sit in the NCS hot seat for an interview. It’s hard to believe where that time has gone but he is now back in for round-two. This time we swapped the written word for a podcast interview which was conducted by Casey McBride and Michael Maffucci.

An Interview With Christian Cipollini

Christian has been labeled as the rock star of the Mafia world, and during his interview with the NCS you will see what we mean. Christian discusses everything from his new comic book series, and his collaboration with Seth Ferranti, a fellow best-selling author and former drug kingpin, right through to his speaking engagements at the Mob Museum.

As usual Christian, owner of, hits us with some gems, as he discusses how Lucky Luciano really got his nickname, the influence Arnold Rothstein had amongst the big names we have come to learn about in the 1920’s and 1930’s, and how Murder Inc started out in the early 1930’s.

Sit back, grab a whiskey and tune in.