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Dr. J. Michael Niotta PhD
Italian-American writer-artist-musician, J. Michael Niotta, PhD, is an early Los Angeles crime historian and the author of two nonfiction titles, The Los Angeles Sugar Ring and The Fight Abroad & the Fear Back Home. As the eldest great grandson of Los Angeles Don, Jack I. Dragna—“perhaps the only classic ‘Godfather’ the city has ever known (LA Times)”—delving into the sordid past of the City of Angels has become a near obsession. In 2018, Niotta lectured at the Las Vegas Mob Museum and headlined a MobWorld Summit panel at the Las Vegas Plaza Hotel. In the year that followed, he appeared as an early L.A. crime SME on the Travel Channel show, Mission Declassified. Diverse, he is also a mixed-media artist who specializes in crime influenced dada and collage. At present he is engaged in a Jack Dragna biography (Beneath the Hollywood Mafia Mask), an extensive early history of organized crime in California co-authored with longtime mafia researcher, Richard N. Warner, and a true crime noir (Captured) that ties the Harlem underworld with the ethnic ghettos of Los Angeles.
The Walnut Bust The Early Days of Los Angeles With Dr J. Michael Niotta
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