Writing an essay can be a daunting task, especially if you’re writing it in college, not an essay writer, and are required to write several of them every week. If you need help with any part of your essay-writing process, https://us.grademiners.com/ got you covered.  Here with 8 tips to make your essay writing process in college much easier. Check out our tips below on how to start off strong with an idea that’s guaranteed to work and how to organize your thoughts in a way that will make the actual writing portion easy as pie!

1) Start early

To give yourself enough time to do a good job on your essay, you’ll need to start writing early. In college, that means starting at least two weeks before your essay is due. You don’t want to be scrambling at 3:00am trying to write something you know won’t be up-to-par. Start early and allow plenty of time for revisions and proofreading.

2) Work with other students

Working with other students can save you a lot of time, since they might have already answered some questions that you’re facing as well. So ask around and see if anyone is willing to work with you on any portion of your essay. Don’t know how to find someone else who needs help? Try talking with your professor after class or contacting one of your peers by e-mail, text, or social media.

3) Use resources like books and the library

As you head into your first essay writing experience, there are a few resources that you might find helpful. First and foremost is a good book. If you plan on taking an English class, check out your professor’s syllabus; if not, here are some great books that can guide you through college essay-writing

4) Keep a running list of sources

Whether you’re a digital native or not, keeping track of sources can be time-consuming. With more information available than ever before, it can be tough to keep track of what you need and where it came from. An easy solution is having a running list of all your sources right in Google Docs. Every time you find an interesting piece of information, just add it to your sources document.

5) Have someone proofread your work

One of your biggest strengths is probably also one of your biggest weaknesses. You may be good at thinking on your feet and coming up with new ideas, but you’re not so great at writing those ideas down and explaining them thoroughly. Fortunately, there are people for that—people who are experts at taking new concepts and making them understandable for a broad audience. That’s what editors do, and if you want to be taken seriously as an essay writer or blogger, having someone proofread your work is essential.

6) Organize ideas, but don’t worry about formatting.

It’s very important that you organize your ideas before you start writing, but don’t spend too much time trying to figure out exactly how you want your essay to look. This advice is not meant to encourage careless writing; it’s just that once a paper is finished, there really isn’t much point in fussing over minutiae like margins and fonts when you could be polishing sentences and working on content.

7) Don’t let the Internet distract you. 

The Internet can be a wonderful tool. It’s great for researching and gathering information, but it can also be a big distraction. Don’t let distractions derail your essay-writing progress. Set aside time each day dedicated specifically to writing your essays, then log off and get started!

8) Finally, relax! You can do it!

If you’re writing an essay, try and make it a fun experience for yourself. If you find that you aren’t enjoying yourself or that your thoughts are scattered, step away from it for a little while and do something else. Come back when you feel rejuvenated, clear-headed, and ready to write again. If you really can’t get into it, consider getting some help. Hiring an essay writer is one of the best ways to ensure that your essay will be well written and will meet all of your professor’s requirements.

The goal is to do it right and on time, here’s why it’s important to turn in your essay early – https://www.thestudentpocketguide.com/2022/05/uni-life/punctuality-value-discover-improve/.