While you may be legally entitled to compensation for an auto accident due to somebody else’s negligence, winning your claim isn’t guaranteed. How you handle your car accident claim and what you do after an auto crash significantly impacts the claim’s outcome. Knowing what can cost you your claim is key to coming up with a winning strategy. Outlined below are four reasons why you could lose your car accident claim.

1.   Self-representation

While you see self-representation as a way to save money, it’s the easiest way to lose your car accident claim. Personal injury law is complex, with vast paperwork and procedural rules. Representing yourself implies navigating this intricate world without help, which can be risky. In self-representation, you’re responsible for gathering the proof you’ll use to support your claim. Without legal training and experience, you may collect and present inadmissible evidence to back your claim, resulting in your case’s dismissal.

In self-representation, there’s the risk of fighting against an experienced car accident attorney, which could work against you because they’re skilled in handling such cases and understand how to use the jury or judge against you. The defendant’s attorney likely has access to resources you don’t. Fortunately, you can raise your chances of winning the auto accident claim by hiring a reliable car accident lawyer, SLC.

2.   Not seeking prompt medical help

Seeking prompt medical assistance after an auto accident is not only crucial for proper healing of your injuries but also for supporting your compensation claim. Delaying your first to the doctor after the accident gives the insurance adjuster or at-fault driver a reason to claim that your injuries could be due to a different accident. This may result in your claim being dismissed. Getting medical care immediately after a car accident and strictly adhering to the doctor’s advice helps gather factual proof to support the claim that you were injured in the specific car accident you’re suing for.

3.   Failure to gather relevant proof

Winning an auto accident case requires presenting sufficient, relevant evidence to support your claim. Without proof or presenting inadmissible evidence (proof that was collected illegally, it’s irrelevant, or hearsay), you risk losing your car accident lawsuit. To better the possibility of winning the case, gather and document relevant proof, including:

  • Witness testimony: Anyone who witnessed the accident can provide a police statement. Witness testimonies can help support your claim in court
  • Photos of the accident scene: Take pictures of the place where the accident happened to showcase its condition at the time of the incident
  • Police report: Immediately after an auto accident occurs, consider calling the police. They’ll take charge of the scene and take statements from the involved parties and witnesses. This is valuable evidence in your car accident claim
  • Take pictures of your injuries and document your medical reports and receipts
  • If there was property damage suffered, take photos of it

4.   Waiting too long to file your auto accident claim

Auto accident claims should be filed in line with the statute of limitations. Filing your claim outside this period results in losing your right to file a case. Since statute of limitation laws vary by state, your car accident lawyer will ensure your claim is filed on time to safeguard your right to compensation.


While you deserve full compensation for injuries or losses in an auto accident that wasn’t your fault, you might not receive any compensation. Understanding why you could lose your car accident claim can help you prepare better.