Why are casinos associated with crime?

Why are casinos associated with crime?

Casinos have long been associated with fun and entertainment on the lighter side but on the darker side, they are also associated with crime and shady business practices. This has not been helped by the strong association with the latter activities in the movies and other media that portray them in that light. You have probably seen something to do with unethical people trying to cheat their associates out of money behind casino doors. While this happens, it is not always the case.

Some casinos are reputable businesses that offer entertainment and gambling services that keep adults occupied through their free time, many of which are listed on handy websites like Casino Reviews. Additionally, with the emergence of online casinos, it has become even more accessible to gamble without physically being in a casino. Like all good things, without moderation, gamblers can get addicted and suffer other mental health conditions. With both good and bad associated with casinos, this article explains the association of casinos with crime. 

The Location

When you look at the locations of most casinos, you will find something strange that recurs. Random or not, casinos are often located in high crime areas which makes them a great target for thieves and murderers. Since casinos attract a lot of people carrying large sums of money for accommodation and to enjoy various fun activities at and outside the casino, they become a prime target for criminals. They become even easier targets when you add alcohol and any other drugs that may be consumed during these casino trips. On the other hand, this is not always the case for casino resorts since they represent luxury and glamour and are located in more affluent areas with fewer crimes. 

The Cash

Due to the large sums of money that gamblers often carry coupled with the large sums of money made at the casinos, that travel back and forth from the casino, they are a great target for criminals. Cash can either be stolen from gamblers or the casino itself through heists. Casinos help mitigate this by hiring security companies to provide security within the casino and outside for the money being moved. Additionally, there are cameras in most casinos to monitor any suspicious activity happening on the casino floor in order to catch it before it happens or stop it when it does. 

Alternatively, online casinos provide security from most of these challenges and have their own security measures such as SSL encryptions and licences to avoid fraud. 

The Atmosphere

While it may seem like the primary intent of most gamblers is to enjoy casino games, there are a couple of other criminal activities that may draw their attention. The fun can easily get out of hand without the right controls and it’s easy to go with the adrenaline rush of fun to engage in some of these activities. With alcohol, many people’s guards are down and may find themselves involved in some illegal activities they may have not planned for including drug use. By going to casinos with more responsible people and having a strict budget, you can avoid many of these activities that may get you into trouble. 

The Underground

Amidst all the fun and entertainment, there is prostitution, fraud schemes, money laundering and human trafficking happening in and around the casino. Casinos and the immediate areas surrounding them are often very busy places that make it an ideal cover criminal activities to take place behind all the fun and entertainment. They also offer many targets for crime since a lot of people may be intoxicated. 

Online casinos work toward preventing such activities by allowing the fun to happen at home where you are safest from most of these activities especially when you play with a reputable online casino licenced by a reputable body such as the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. 


Casinos have a light and dark side, unfortunately. While they may be great places to blow off some steam, they are also great grounds for criminal activities. Some of the association with crimes is due to the large sums of cash available in and around casinos, the atmosphere, the underground activities and their location in high crime areas. In order to enjoy casinos without these crimes, online casinos, responsible gambling, and casino security can help make the experience safer.