Technologies are developing now, there is even thesis checker online, so it is normal that in schools teachers start to use different gadgets for optimization of studying process. There are some good devices which definitely will be convenient and useful in education.


Even if you have a desktop computer with a laptop it will be more comfortable. When choosing a laptop, we recommend paying attention to the diagonal of the screen – the optimal size of 15.6 inches. But less than 13 inches will not be enough – the child will simply be difficult to see some details.

You should also pay attention to autonomy – it will be more convenient if the device will work on one charge for more than 5 hours. Another aspect is the presence of several USB, HDMI ports, audio output for headphones, LAN input for wired Internet, etc. It is important to pay attention to the presence of a camera – this is a necessary thing for video tutorials.

But the CPU power or the presence of a cooling system can be ignored. You are looking for a device for learning, not for demanding video games.



A very useful thing, even if the laptop has a built-in microphone. First, it will be easier for students to focus on learning and distance themselves from external distractions.

And secondly, it will be more convenient for parents, especially if they work from home, or for siblings who are also at home.

If you will use this headset only for training, then there are no big requirements for this device. There may even be headphones with a microphone that come with the mobile. However, if the headphones have noise reduction technology, it will be easier for the child to focus on learning.



This device can theoretically replace a laptop. But it is also desirable to buy a physical keyboard. The requirements for it are the same as for the tablet – pay attention to the quality and diagonal of the screen – we advise you not to buy a device with a diagonal of less than 9 inches. We also recommend choosing a device with good autonomy.



This device will be useful to the child not only during distance learning. Such a book will be more compact. In this case, unlike the same tablet or smartphone, the e-book has a special “electronic” ink, which is close to classic paper. Therefore, such a display does not harm the eyes, and also saves the battery of the device itself.

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