Top 25 Criminal Justice Research Topics to Write Papers About

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Criminal justice is a popular education discipline. It is a complicated subject that needs lots of research work. Criminal justice education includes research projects on different topics. If you feel sure that you have enough time before the deadline, do the research yourself.

Yet, there are cases when you don’t have enough writing skills to create a research project. You may address someone from an online research paper writing service to prepare a custom academic paper for you professionally. You may order whatever research project topic you need. But what are the most popular topics of criminal justice research? Let’s see the top list.

The List of Criminal Justice Research Paper Writing Topics

  • Criminology related to social sciences

Criminology is connected to different subjects. It makes investigations with the help of psychology, sociology, and law. Criminology is a discipline that uses many extra sciences.

  • Age connection with the crime

Age is closely related to criminology justice. It is one of the most popular research topics. People of a certain age tend to commit a crime.

  • The relationship between criminology and biology

Criminology uses biological and chemical tests to define the crime. Biology also helps understand the criminal’s behavior. So, it lets criminalists figure out the motive of a crime.

  • Criminology analysis methods

The methods include the analysis of journals, books, or TV programs. It is a research method to analyze and systematize the crime data.

  • Campus crime

There are cases when a crime is committed on campus. The research topic investigates to what extent crime affects students on the campus.

  • Public policy

It is important to note that criminal justice is closely related to public policy. Laws control the court and criminology. Public rules of behavior define the punishment for a crime.

  • Aggression

People commit a lot of crimes because of their aggression. Aggression may result from mental diseases or be a character trait. It may also be the result of emotional condition or being tired. It is a great catalyst for crimes.

  • Classical criminology

The research topic is criminology of the past years. Its main point is that people’s choices always have reasons. It depends on the economic situation and individual opportunities.

  • Classification of crimes

Classification is part of scientific criminology. There are three classification systems. The research includes measurements and analyzing crime data. It is important to get more information and analyze its amount and value.

  • Child abuse

Child abuse topic is widespread in today’s world. It is a great part of criminology research. When writing a research paper, you should describe a child abuse case. Then you analyze the circumstances and the individuals’ behavior. You write about the reasons for the behavior and how to prevent such cases in the future.

  • Crime prevention

Such research includes analyzing the community behavior and crime rate. Then you should suggest measures to prevent crime. This includes social work with the population.

  • Criminology history

Crimes now result from the past historical conditions of society. So, it is important to describe and analyze past crime events.

  • The relationship of criminology and politics

Politics also highly impact the crime rate. A lot of crimes are committed because of political viewpoints. It was a widespread issue in the past. The government imprisoned a lot of people because of their political actions.

  • Criminology and prisoners

This topic concerns the convicted people and the imprisonment conditions. It investigates the number of prisons and the procedure of imprisonment. It is also about a criminal’s behavior when getting into prison.

  • Crime mapping

It is a part of criminology that makes research on the location of a crime. The crime mapping analyzes the reasons why crime is more spread in one or another region.

  • Cybersecurity

With the development of modern technologies, crime may be committed through the Internet. There are a lot of areas for criminals to start. Cybercrimes are a separate branch of criminology. You may choose one area and do research on it.

  • Strategies of crime prevention

The research topic concerns the wide strategies of the government. Crime prevention has three categories depending on the type of analysis.

  • The relationship between crime and education

The criminal behavior may be related to education. The research analyzes what education directions are most likely to cause criminal behavior. Educated people may have more opportunities to create a crime. This especially concerns law or medicine students.

  • Theories of criminal justice

It is also a scientific branch of criminology. There are a lot of theories of criminology. You may choose one of them and prove if it is correct or not.

  • Crime statistics

Statistics gather crime data. It helps find out who is at risk of becoming a criminal and how to prevent the incident.

  • Home violence

Violence at home is related to child abuse. Yet, violence may present itself against a woman or older members of a family.

  • Courts

Courts have a very complicated system. The research may concern the laws on courts and the court procedure.

  • Crimes at work

There is a lot of fraud at the workplace. It also concerns discrimination during employment.

  • Critical criminology

This part of criminology is used to criticize the new theories and improve them.

  • Court statistics

This is a branch of court criminology that studies the data on court procedures.

Choose the topic you know the best and start writing your research project.