The Seventh Art Takes Interest in The World of Games and Casinos!

The seventh art has often taken an interest in the world of the casino, offering the movie fans some cult films. Places of madness and fantasies, gaming rooms still exert as much fascination on the public and film directors know it all well. Many have made it the setting and even a full-fledged character in their feature film, thus plunging us into a thrilling universe, often that of crime! So here’s a look at some memorable movie casino scenes.

Iconic Films Where Casinos Are Honoured

The unique atmosphere of the casino has inspired many filmmakers in recent years. When we think of the casino, we think of the film Casino Royale from the James Bond series by Martin Campbell. The central stage takes place at the casino. James Bond’s biggest duel in cinema has indeed taken place on a Poker table! The film Ocean’s Eleven by Steven Soderbergh will also have marked our adolescence. Daniel “Danny” Ocean sets up a team of ten thieves to rob a safe in a Las Vegas casino. Critically acclaimed and commercially successful, with more than 450 million US$ at the global box office, the film is the first in the Ocean trilogy. A dive into cheating and gang theft that made us want to go to Sin City to meet Danny! There is also Rain Man which is an unforgettable movie. The film tells the story of a young luxury car dealer, Charlie Babbitt, who discovers that his late father bequeathed almost all of his multi-million-dollar fortune to his other son, his brother Raymond Babbitt, an autistic scientist. Using mathematical technique to make a fortune is Charlie’s strategy to get back on his feet. An unforgettable quest to discover the other on the roads of America that will lead them to Vegas (definitely!).

The Unknown Of Las Vegas, A Turning Point in International Cinema

The year 1961 has been marked by the first big blockbuster movie about the casino! Lewis Milestone’s film The Unknown of Las Vegas, released in 1961, features two huge stars of the time (Franck Sinatra and Dean Martin) and tells of the incredible robbery of several casinos, carried out by 11 former veterans of the Second World War. A huge box office success, it will be one of the 10 biggest films of the year 1961. Eleven long-time friends decide to rob together five of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas during the same night.

Online casinos has been inspired by Sweet Smell of Success !

Even ONline casinos has been inspired by that movie : Sweet Smell of Success (1957)! Have a look at! Although neither about Las Vegas nor the mob, this New York-set film-noir shares some thematic resonances with Casino. The Alexander Mackendrick film follows the exploits of powerful newspaperman J. J. Hunsecker (Burt Lancaster), who aims to thwart his sister’s relationship with a jazz musician he believes is below her. He ropes publicist Sidney Falco (Tony Curtis) into the scheme and sets off a narrative of moral corruption and blackmail. With snappy dialogue and stellar performances, Sweet Smell of Success is an exemplary noir with a thorough examination of just how low a person can go. It’s a brutal film where there are no heroes to be found, only characters lost in a sea of their own selfish desires.

Documentaries on Gambling and Money: A Way to Prevent Dangers

There are many fiction films about casinos. But in recent years, a new trend has emerged, documentaries about games and money. Indeed, the real dangers of addiction and dependence are described there, as in Bet Raise Fold. This casino documentary film focuses on the subject of online poker and has helped to correct a large number of prejudices and stereotypes about poker. But the strategies of the best players can also be put on the table, as with Breaking Vegas, recounting the incredible legend of the MIT Blackjack Team.