The Most Popular Mob Video Games

The Most Popular Mob Video Games

People have different passions and interests. Some of us are interested in the best radar detectors on the market and some of us are really fond of anything connected to the mafia. For the ones who are passionate about how the mafia structures work, playing mob video games is a really fun activity for their spare time.

As technology has evolved and people can now emerge in the lives of different fictional characters, the mafia has always attracted many people, and this is why video game producers have approached this world and recreated it in its smallest details so that everybody could experience, on a deeper level, the life of mobsters.

Mafia II

If you are familiar with the video game Mafia, you will definitely agree that this sequel, Mafia II, is one of the best games ever made that involves the magnificent world of gangsters. Similar to the first game, the action takes place in Empire Bay. The game was released in 2010 and its great feature is its plot.

It follows the story of a gangster who wants to become one of the best and rise in the hierarchy of the mob. The social and political implications that this game uncovered while the plot thickens are wonderful and this is why people rank it as one of the best mafia games ever made.

Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs is a game developed in 2012 by United Front Games and has become very popular over the years because it is very well made and pays a lot of attention to details. The action takes place in Hong Kong and it is built around the story of a police officer who wants to infiltrate one of the biggest crime organizations in the world, the Sun On Yee Triads.

The plot has two important points of focus. One focuses on how Wei Shen, the police officer, is infiltrating into the Triads and fulfills the missions that are given to him, and the other one focuses on what he has to do for the police during this time. It is a very captivating game and it takes you inside the Asian mob mindset.

The Godfather

If you are passionate about the world of the mafia, you are most definitely a fan of the movie The Godfather. If this is the case, you will absolutely love this video game because the action takes place just as in the movie, in 1972. The story involves Aldo Trapani, a mobster that makes his way in the Corleone family.

The great thing about this game is that, on numerous occasions, the story will intersect with the story of the movie. This is why the game is very engaging and it is popular even now, 14 years after its release, and people still find it engaging. Regardless of all the new stories about the mafia, classics will always overcome the newbies because they have more weight.

Yakuza IV

This is a game released in 2009 for Playstation and is also known as ‘Like a Dragon 4: Successor of The Legend’. The game is very good because the creators focused their attention on the smallest details of everyday life, an aspect that will take you even deeper into the story and will make you believe that you are actually living it.

In North America, the game arrived only in 2011, but it is still played by mafia enthusiasts especially because it takes you in the deepest center of the Yakuza world.

Scarface: The World is Yours

During the same period that The Godfather video game was released, in 2006, another game inspired by a mafia movie came out and it became very popular. To those who are fans of Scarface, this video game will bring a lot of joy and excitement.

The great thing about this game is that it starts with the story of Tony Montana exactly where the creators of the movie ended the story. It is very detailed and follows Tony’s revenge. The thing that would have made this video game even better would have been the voice of Al Pacino. Unfortunately, another voice interprets the main character, but you still get the Scarface vibe.