The Live Casino Fashion Style

The Live Casino Fashion Style

When we think of casinos, there is always a certain aesthetic that comes to mind. We think of suits, dresses, cigars, champagne, bowties and a whole lot more. There is a certain shine when it comes to the fashion of gamblers, especially for those of the high-rollers. They aim to make it big and look good while doing so. However, it isn’t necessarily explained to you. The dress code has always been a silent rule that anyone with etiquette should know about. In recent times, the way people dress in casinos has become more casual than what was considered normal years ago. It is especially now where players mainly play online, even in the best online casino Canada. However, we are going back to these good old days and showing you why this style of “casino fashion” became as popular as it is. 

An expert casino game reviewer at, Erica Walter, finds casino etiquette as one of the fascinating things about land-based casinos. “Not only do you get the adrenaline pumping while gambling, but also you get a rare chance to dress up,” Erica commented.

The first thing is the very existence of it. Some may not even realize the fashion choices made with playing at a casino. It is a trend that is forgotten as times have gone on. The reason why fashion was so important back in the day is that casinos were a high-class affair. They were made for the rich and wealthy, something where rich players can flaunt their wealth by placing massive bets and risking it all for even more winnings. Naturally, if you have a lot of money, then it’s par for the course you would have a lot of that money spent on your clothes. If you see someone with a fine-tailored suit or a sparkling ball gown, you may think they won that money in a casino. 

This is one of the main reasons why fashion is important. Fashion represents status. It tells a story of the kind of person you are. Your entire job, your annual income, your personality can all be told through the power of clothing. When it comes to playing in a casino, this will show off what kind of player you are. You can choose to wear a tux to make yourself more of a showman—someone who loves the entertainment side of gambling. A regular suit with no tie can mean you’re a laid-back gambler—someone who focuses on winning but enjoys the game even if they may lose. The fashion can let other players at the table know who you are. They can see if you are tough competition or just here to have fun. For women, the gowns and dresses can be just as important. A dress suit can mean you are all business and prove you are serious about gambling. Or a glitzy fleece or gown can make you as beautiful as the hostesses. You may even be distracting enough to win against hopeless men in cards. 

Of course, there are a few rules that should DEFINITELY be followed when it comes to casino fashion. Once you know about the things you shouldn’t do will make it easier to know about what you can do:

  • The first major rule is to never wear flip-flops. Even though most casinos are near sunny resorts or seaside, sandals are for those places. A casino is a classy establishment and should be treated as such. For casual wear, sneakers and other non-formal shoes are okay. So long as you feel confident in them, it shouldn’t be a problem. 
  • The next big step is to never wear any clothes that are dirty or ripped. Your wear should look neat and tidy. You want to prove you have money. The best way to do that is to not wear something that makes it look like you are too cheap to fix it. 
  • Don’t wear shorts either. The shorts are a bit too casual. They might be acceptable in smaller places but ultimately do not make you look like a player. Most casinos are open in the evening, so why should you wear shorts? 
  • An obvious rule that is simple but effective is checking the dress code. If you gain an invite or see an advertisement for the place, it may be written on them. They can give you a genuine description of the kind of wear you should bring. If it’s a small-time place, then you can go smart casual. If it is a whole affair with expensive drinks and other facets of entertainment, consider dressing in something a little fancier. 

You may be wondering if any of this really matters in the grand scheme of things. If you don’t care about what you look like, then you are entitled to that confidence. However, it is less about you and more to do with etiquette. Wearing something that represents wealth in a place that is driven by it is how you show respect. The money made in casinos can go on to support other businesses as well supporting those who come and play these games in the hopes of rising up the system. It is not a matter of earning your place at a casino, but about earning the right to wear the rich clothes, you possess, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy where if you dress big money, you will win big money.