The peripheral gadgets are essential for every gamer: you can’t play without decent output. Though, the so-called “gambling” devices obviously aren’t cheap and don’t give the guaranteed result. Also, a lot of manufacturers call their models “pro version.” Of course, you will never buy a good mouse for ten dollars. But this market segment is heavily overpriced.

Bear in mind that today gambler doesn’t purchase a qualitative gadget without a “predator design” or neon lights. There are some exclusions with a minimalistic and matte look, but they are seldom and very expensive. Rarity costs a lot. Otherwise, enjoy the cheap Chinese lanterns.

The main gaming gadgets are:

  • keyboards;
  • gamepads and joysticks;
  • computer mice;
  • headsets and separate audio parts.

We will not talk about gaming furniture for one reason. A “big” console, a portable deck, and a powerful gaming PC require three vivid details. Also, people have various weights, heights, and a sense of coziness. Whence the little gaming gadgets are universally compatible now.

An average gamer has a really modest set. And the original accessories aren’t necessary for the proper game achievements. Moreover, you can find replicas that are better than some branded gadgets. The modern business model often offers you devices with the planned term of service. Then the stuff breaks down, and the consumer has to buy the other accessories. Though, the European Union recently changed the laws of consumer repair rights. The new generations of gambling devices will be robust again (maybe).

Here are some tips about “gaming” accessories. The very first piece of advice: there is the lowest price for every quality gadget. It varies between categories, but the principle is the same. Materials and assembling cost a lot. The second take: no brand advice here. The exclusion is about middle-range gamepads, where the logo really matters. Logitech, Razer, Cougar, Blue, Sony are famous and reliable names. But gamers should be aware of the features they are paying for.



There are two main types of modern keyboards: mechanical and membrane. For games like slots where you can get new customer free bets and other casual activities, you need membrane ones. They are cheap: even the $10 model works through the years. Manufacturers say that the resource of these mechanisms is tens of millions of clicks. But professional cyber gamers need more.

The base of the keyboard is a big integrated circuit. The cheap devices have a lack of signal lines for the simplification of manufacturing. That’s why you can’t play MMO on membrane keyboards successfully. Mechanical ones have a different principle of operation: every key is an independent tumbler with a separate power line. These keyboards are heavy, expensive, and very loud. Though, they are the only choice for cybersports. The best and most popular brand of these tumblers belongs to the German manufacturer Cherry.



The headphones and microphones for games divide into two main categories:

  • Streaming media. For better broadcasting, the player needs massive and sensitive dynamics, a pop filter, and a complicated system of supporting brackets for the microphone. The proper audio set is too heavy. It needs to be fixed well;
  • For random online battles, you should pick a set that gives you a comfortable sound. That’s it. Casual gamers are plugging these devices into the simple built-in audio chip on the motherboard. The quality of sound processing is modest, but this part of the design never was essential.

For the first class microphones, you also have to set a proper sound scene and buy a decent audio processor, where your voice will be crystal clear, without echoes and jitters.


Gamepads and joysticks

Virtual pilots, drivers, and other lovers of hardcore simulators are in dire need of high-quality gaming accessories. While the cheat steering wheel is available on the market, the complete ace cockpit is professional stuff. But even the basic gamepads have issues.

For example, sticks and triggers. The original Playstation Dualshock or Xbox controllers have ordinary plastic manipulators. They aren’t robust at all. So, maybe, I have to buy a cheap Chinese replica? Well, no. The reasons are:

  • Sensitivity. The good pads are smooth and have distinct clicks;
  • Compatibility. Both Sony and Microsoft don’t share the controller software. There are some open emulators that connect the no-name gamepads with games. Still, the compatibility here is pretty obscure.

There is a third way here. Just buy a middle-range brand like Steelseries. Their models are twice-thrice cheaper than Dualshocks but are fully compatible.



The main parameter of mouse precision is DPI (dots per inch). The number of dots also is a huge selling point. The common knowledge says that the bigger DPI gives you a better experience, but it is a myth. You can comfortably play with 1200 dpi. The trick is the gamer’s skill, not the brand name. The Naga mouse will not shoot enemies automatically for you.

Still, the expensive gambling mice have a lot of features. Right robust main buttons and scroll wheel are essential. Also, key bindings are fine for modern action games with a lot of weapons.