America is still regarded as one of the best countries in this world, in terms of standard and the overall quality of like, despite all that criticism. Modern American society is changing rapidly because our world is changing too. We can analyze these changes from every angle but the fact remains that we have to deal with transitions, learn, adapt, and built a better society. Every new generation feels a different vibe and faces new issues that we didn’t have to deal with in our days. Just like us, young students today go through a process of self-reflection while trying to define their place in an ever-changing world.

Land Of The Free And Home Of The Brave

We all fantasize about our version American dream that includes riches plus comfortable life in political and economical stability. Our global economy is changing and the USA is no longer on top of the food chain, with rivals such as China or India. These novelties have a deep impact on American youth that will never be satisfied with any lower standard than the one that it enjoys right now. Students are reading self reflection essay examples in hope of finding some compass in any essay that will help them navigate these new circumstances. Their self-reflection process will help them define what it means to be an American today when that image is becoming somehow blurry.

Young students are the future of tomorrow and in this age of social media and high tech, they are very aware that their generation will have to fix problems left by the previous one. They have the knowledge, they have a desire to change this world, but are still not happy for some reason. Living in a dream country should be flawless, but it seems like America is a divided nation these days. Liberals demand more freedom, conservatives ask for everyone to get serious. Corporations seem to be running things while the little man is struggling to survive. Also, when any economy goes into recession, all those racial or religious issues suddenly pop up from nowhere to stir things up even more.

When America Sneezes We All Get A Flu

It is important to understand that when the world’s biggest country faces changes in its society, the whole world will feel some consequences. This is what makes America great, and a leader of our free world, but great power bears great responsibility. The rest of this globe looks up to America through its pop culture and lifestyle full of freedom that many take for granted. Political issues are becoming very vague and so do the relations with other countries. It is like this country needs help to redefine its place in the international geopolitical structure before it loses its leadership position.

Like in any business, reputation is everything, so this nation is doing everything to boost its confidence by any means. Even if that means electing Donald Trump as a president. That was a fun experience that kept us thinking about how a reality show businessman can become the most powerful man in this world. Students from all universities across the US were mostly shocked by these elections which showed them that their country is divided in so many ways. They invested so much in their education hoping for a life in a better country with better-paying jobs, and they suddenly woke up in a totally new world.

Redefining America

It will take a lot of practice to get things back to normal, or what it was once considered normal. Maybe those glory days of world dominance are never going back so it will take some time for youth and students of this country to accept that. Perhaps, everyone will have to make some adjustments in their lives and change their views and habits. There is this overwhelming feeling among college students that they have been given issues that they have to deal with instead enjoy days of progress like their parents. They feel like a generation left in a limbo, a transition period of hard times, and no one likes being in limbo.

Scientists or psychologists can study and research these trends and predict where this country is going, but young students do not care about predictions. They care about the American dream that was promised to them. Right now there is some young college student, a future leader, who is writing an essay paper about his country and how he is going to change it for the better. Maybe things have to go south sometimes, so every new generation of young leaders would be inspired to act and would have some issues to deal with. Maybe the first task of new America will be to redefine itself and embrace its new place in our world.

Future writers will have plenty of material for their reflections on today’s America, as the rest of us can enjoy this show from their first row seats. Maybe we do not like what we see, but it is how it is and we must accept it. We must accept it, and start making changes for the better. That is what America is all about, a nation of people who never quit and always find a solution to any problem.