On This Day in 1999 William Cutolo Died, Aged 49

On This Day in 1999 William Cutolo Died, Aged 49

On this day in 1999 Wild Bill Cutolo, an underboss in the Colombo Crime Family was killed in the basement of a house, on orders from Alphonse Persico (the son of Carmine) who was acting boss of the Colombo’s at the time.

Cutolo was a strong Orena loyalist in the 1991 – 1993 Colombo War, and after the War ended in a Persico win, Cutola was demoted in the family to a solider. By the late 90’s Carmine Persico promoted Cutolo to underboss under his son Alphonse as a peace gesture. In the same year Alphonse was sentenced to prison himself, so with both the Persico’s behind bars they worried that Cutolo would try and make a bid to takeover the family unit.

To avoid the takeover Alphonse setup a meeting which would end with the disappearance of Wild Bill. It was only 9 years later that his body was unearthed, when the police found a man wearing Italian loafers wrapped in a blue tarp that was missing a finger.

The body was of 49 year old William Cutolo Sr.