On This Day in 1910 Carmine Tramunti was Born

On This Day in 1910 Carmine Tramunti was Born

On this day in 1910 the former boss of the Lucchese Crime Family, Carmine Tramunti was born in New York.  He took over the Lucchese family after the passing of Tommy Lucchese back in 1967, with a helping hand from Carlo Gambino who used his power to help Tramunti take the reins.

During the 70’s he was caught up in a number of indictments, some of which included stock fraud, criminal contempt and narcotics trafficking. Despite being acquitted on a number of these he was convicted for criminal contempt in 1972 and sent to jail for 3 years.

Just 6 years after he took over the family it would all come to an end in May 1973 when he was sentenced to 15 years behind bars as a result of the French Connection Case. Anthony Corallo would succeed him as the boss of the Lucchese Family.

“I may be a mobster and may have done bad things but I am not a drug dealer”.

Carmine Tramunti spent 5 years behind bars before he died from natural causes at the age of 68.