We Are Opening The Books: Get Your Membership To The Secret Syndicate

Become A Made Man in The Secret Syndicate

To celebrate the NCS turning 5 years old this year, we are giving you the opportunity to become a Made Member and part of an exclusive group of members known as The Secret Syndicate. Get your hands on our membership card (pictured below), complete with initiation letter (pictured below), and we are even throwing in a free “Our Thing” T-shirt.

Are you ready to take the oath with the Secret Syndicate?

Size T-Shirt

$35 $50 a year

(works out at less than $3 per month)

Being a made member allows you direct access to the Secret Syndicate team. Meaning you can contact us privately or openly to ask questions, or to suggest future articles and pieces.

membershipsAccess to exclusive interviews and material in a members only password protected area.

30% discount on the first NCS calendar due out in October 2019 for 2020. RRP of $19.99, made members get it for $14.99. A link to the calendar will be in the members area nearer the time.

Access to premium content such as quizzes, games and articles. Look out for the padlock symbol across the site for Secret Syndicate only access.

Free “Our Thing” T-shirt for the first 100 members. T-shirts will be sent out within 45 days of your membership.

For the first 3 months we will also be offering memberships at an introductory rate of $35 for the year. Price will then rise to $50 per year (1st May 2019).

“Our Thing” Apparel Discount Promo Codes of 30% off.

Access to third-party discounts, and signed copies of discounted mob books, thanks to our deals with acclaimed authors such as Alan Lindbloom, Christian Cipollini, Scott Burnstein , Seth Ferranti, Joe Bruno and more.

Free Album from Gangsters & Ghosts. Each month a new song will become available in the members area.

Free Member Giveaways throughout the year. Such as the chance to win a $50 Amazon Card – randomly selected from our database of members biannually.

Discounts/Promo Codes to our third party suppliers, ranging from cigars, whiskey, olive oil, suits and more.

Member access to a private chat room called The Round Table, where you can speak with other made men.

FREE downloadable ringtones, exclusively made for Secret Syndicate Members Only. Downloadable within the members area.

members-onlyAccess to the Video Vault a place to watch exclusive documentaries that have been written and created by the NCS, only viewable by secret syndicate made members.

Each month, we will update the members area with the latest information, which will include new promo codes and discounts.

Are you ready to take the oath with the Secret Syndicate?

Size T-Shirt

Example of The FREE “Our Thing” T-Shirt

Free Our Thing T-shirt

Example of The Secret Syndicate Membership Card

Membership Back

Example of The Initiation Letter

Copy of letter

Example of Premium Features 

Premium Features