In 1958, Lana Turner and Sean Connery were filming a title, Another Time, Another Place, and everything is going pretty fine when all over sudden, Turner’s boyfriend, who’s a bad-boy shows up in the scene. As every sane person knows, wise guys never show up in an invited event. Turner’s boyfriend seemed to go contrary to this opinion by majestically walking into the set.

The play would never have accommodated any distractions, but Jonny Stompanato walked into the set without any care in the world. His character was an image of a gangster from the James Bond movie, starting from his attitude to the appearance. All the aspects and facial descriptions displayed by him shouted red alerts. Making matters worse, he had a gun!

Turner’s affairs with Stompanato existence were fair, and she opted to invite him to England but not to the casting. Her loneliness in England prompted her to invite him to England, which evolved to her unavoidable troubles.

At the age of 36, Turner had already married about six husbands. It happened that the 32nd husband was a former US Marine and a puppet of Micky Cohen, a Los Angeles’s crime boss. History dictated that Stompanato had been arrested about six times by the Los Angeles Police.

During her stay in London, Stompanato behaviour suggested significant change. However, it turned out to be disappointing for Turner, and she had to involve Scotland Yard to deport him. Stompanato’s jealousy could not contain the Tuner’s involvement in a movie that depicted an American journalist who had a love affair with BBC war correspondents. He decided to show up at the scene, holding a gun with bountiful threats to put a bullet through Turner’s body.

A dangerous gangster, a cute girl, an honest lover on the other end would have been a perfect picture of an innocent girl killed by unreasonable sweeter. However, Connery grabbed the gun away before the bullet took off. She twisted his hand and secured the weapon on her hands. The “bad guy” was thrown outside, and in a few moments, he chose to book a flight to the United States.

Turner’s boyfriend threats did not end in England. The moronic boyfriend, Stompanato, went on threatening Turner after coming back from England. He kept his swears that he will kill her, her mother, and her daughter.

Despite all her tribulations, Turner scooped the best nominee actor for Peyton Place. Her wisdom drove her to take her daughter along with her mother to the Oscar awards. The fact that Turner left only with her daughter and mother made Stompanato even more jealous.

Knowing what Stompanato was capable of doing, the 14-year-old daughter heard with strained patience what was transpiring in the next room when Stompanato came to their place. The argument was loud enough. Cheryl instincts led her to pick a knife from the kitchen and slowly got to her mother’s bedroom. As the man in the room, Johnny Stompanato approached the door and opened it. He was met by a surprising knife stab that welcomed his death.