To Be a King Volume 2: Launches on Amazon Today

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Its without doubt that the first volume of To Be a King was a great success, within a matter of weeks the book burst through into the top 100 books in organized crime on Amazon. Add to that the frenzy on Facebook, with the amount of photos taken of people receiving their book and you get the idea.

The novel has been dubbed as the new Godfather, and today volume 2 just hit Amazon.

To Be a King Volume 2


Yes, that’s right, today is the official release of Volume 2 of Alan Lindbloom’s TO BE A KING. So for those who have already read Volume 1, make sure to pick up a copy of Volume 2 available on Kindle and in Paperback.

What Happens in Volume 2?

In volume 2 you will see how Omnio “King” Falcone returns from prison and rallies his faithful soldiers to take on his nefarious uncle, the current Boss of Bosses, in an attempt to take control of La Famiglia and build his empire the likes that the Mafia has never seen before!

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