To Be a King by Alan Lindbloom launched just a matter of days ago, and the hype surrounding the book was for good reason as it has just broken into the Top 100 organized crime books on Amazon (reaching a peak of #28). Furthermore Amazon have discounted the book due to high sales, so you can now grab a copy for $14.45 saving $5.50.

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To Be a King


To Be a King has been dubbed the next Godfather and the fiction novel by a friend our ours, Alan Lindbloom has got everybody talking. From the free chapters that left readers hungry for more, to his real-life chronicles which helped paint a picture of Alan’s past life.

Many characters in the novel are loosely based off characters from his previous life. For example, “Don Falcone” was inspired by his grandfather, Peter Tocco. Several other characters were inspired by various friends and family members—their character traits and personal nuances, even how they look. But all the characters are fiction.

Heck, even the NCS got a mention in the book!


We can definitely see a film adaptation in the future, along with a console game of this story…it really is that good.