Italy seems to have it all, from world-famous authentic food and wine to rich history and culture. This country is also blessed with unmatched fashion industry and equally befitting beautiful people who can easily charm their way into a person’s soul. When it comes to the gay side of this country, homosexuality has been legal since the 19th century in this largely Catholic nation. Same-sex marriages are accepted, and when it comes to the best places for gay travelers to visit, the north seems to be gayer than the south. Taormina is, for instance, considered a gay mecca, while Capri is the undisputed gay resort of Italy. Milan and Venice also top the gay-friendly places of this country.

Best Italian Trip Ideas for a Gay Couple

  • Taormina

Taormina, the gorgeous hilltop coastal town referred to as ‘the Pearl of the Mediterranean,’ is an ideal gay paradise where you should definitely visit with your partner. You can join an online dating site and search for users from this region to get a taste of how friendly the locals here are. Before making your trip to Italy with your partner, try making some Taormina friends on free gay dating sites in UK and have them advise you about the best sights and activities to enjoy during your visit. Beach spots like Mazzaro and Giardini Naxos and gay bars like Shatulle seem to be a big hit among queers here, and there is also a rich culture and great food to enjoy.

  • Rome

They say that when you go to Rome, do as the Romans do. This city is not called the world’s capital by mistake as it’s the only place where ancient history, café culture, and art combine in such a spectacular way to make it irresistible. The gay culture here has grown tremendously as the city becomes more liberal, and now you can enjoy fun-filled gay cruises, gay dance parties, and so many activities in the city’s cultural hotspots. When you head east from the Colosseum and Via San Giovanni, you encounter so many gay-friendly restaurants, clubs, and bars. The Gay Village festival that happens all summer is the perfect celebration time for queers in Rome, filled with LGBTQ street parties, film screenings, performance art and live music.

  • Milan

Queers love fashion, and no place does it better than Milan, the high-fashion capital of the world. This city happens to be the gay capital of Italy. Suppose you browse for available Milan users on an online dating site. In that case, you will encounter the most glamorous gay community made up of fashion vistas and LGBTQ divas who surely know how to have a great time. Conducting research is always vital before making a vacation with your gay partner. The perfect way to learn about Milan is by meeting like-minded local singles on online dating sites. You can actually plan a double date with a local couple and enjoy the wild nightlife of the gay bars and clubs in the Porta Venezia district that host gay-themed nights.

  • Amalfi Coast

The next time you visit Italy with your gay partner, be sure to check out the Amalfi Coast. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a little paradise on earth that stretches 50 kilometers along the southern edge of the Sorrento Peninsula. This region has a revitalizing lemon-scented breeze and an air of romance that makes you just want to paw your partner. You can book somewhere to stay in the nearby port town of Salerno, which is strategically located to help you enjoy Amalfi’s charm, such as the sheer cliffs, terraced vineyards, and lemon groves. When based here, you can sail away to the nearby Capri Island and enjoy great sights and tranquility.

  • Torre del Lago (Tuscany)

Italian users of online dating sites will tell you that you have not quite finished traversing Gay Italy until you visit Torre del Lago, located in Versilia within the romantic Tuscany holidaying region. Even before making a trip to this area, request your online dating buddy to take some photos of the rugged coast and lush landscapes that this small beach town has to offer and see for yourself firsthand how great an experience awaits. Torre del Lago offers you the perfect vacation as you enjoy the immense cultural offerings such as manicured gardens and heritage museums. Don’t forget to bring a camera along and take some cool photos to spice up your online dating profile.

Italian culture is amazing whether we come across it in movies and magazines or we visit some of the above-listed gay-friendly spots to have a taste of our own. Visiting Italy should definitely be on your bucket list, from the mind-blowing food and wine to the friendly and welcoming locals and the breathtaking scenery and incredible fashion and art.