The outbreak of COVID-19 has changed many aspects of today’s society, including the party nightlife. However, is the Bangkok Nightlife safe for partying? This is a question you most likely have in mind, especially with other businesses reopening their doors with government restrictions being eased a little bit.

Because human beings are social creatures, being restricted indoors with curfews and lockdowns takes a toll on their overall wellbeing. With social distancing requirements looking to remain in place in the foreseeable future, meeting with friends to enjoy yourself after a hectic day seems far fetched. Nevertheless, you should not be gloomy just yet, as in this article is an in-depth guide on how to remain safe while partying even after this pandemic.

Always wear a mask

When it comes to matters on your health, you should always try and be cautious to avoid exposing yourself to an avoidable illness. One of the best ways you can safeguard yourself from contracting COVID-19 is by always wearing a mask whenever you are out in the club. The mask can either be a medical or surgical mask, but one that is made out of cloth is also effective.

The wearing of masks will be especially crucial since maintaining social distancing measures in club settings will be somewhat challenging for people looking to enjoy themselves. Therefore, always have your mask on even as you enjoy yourself in the club.

Be careful who you hang out with

The people you choose to interact with should be integral in your decision making and the group’s size as well. This means you should only go out for parties with individuals who are frank whether they have been exposed to the virus. If you fail to do this, it will only take one person for the virus to start spreading among your network, thereby meaning you too are susceptible.

Always stick to good hygiene practices

While partying in the club with your friends, you are exposed to many unhygienic surfaces that might have traces of this deadly coronavirus. According to studies, this virus can survive on various surfaces for hours or even days. Therefore, touching your face increases the risk of these viruses entering your body through your mouth, nose, or eyes. To lower the chances of this happening, you need to maintain an exemplary hygiene routine, and this includes washing your hands often and never touching your face.

Ideally, you should wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. As you do this, do not forget your wrists, thumbs, and fingertips.

Go partying in the outdoors

The spread of coronavirus happens through touching infected surfaces. This is why medical experts recommend the outdoors as a much better space than crowded indoor areas. It is harder for the virus to spread in such an environment since it is easier to maintain social distancing in outdoor spaces than indoors. Moreover, it becomes harder for the droplets to reach other individuals, hence slowing the spread of this fatal disease.