Is eating chocolate healthy?


Chocolate is quite a unique, sweet and popular product among people of all ages. Specially made from the cacao tree seeds, chocolate and chocolate products are rich in ingredients containing many health benefits. Due to many articles talking about the side effects of chocolate, many people often wonder whether chocolate is healthy or not. This article will explore the health benefits of eating chocolate.

Research from various studies shows that eating chocolate can help your body in many ways.  From warding off diseases like stroke, heart attack and boosting your cognitive function, there’s more that comes with just a simple bite of chocolate. Below are the reasons why eating this rich and tasty product from Santa Barbara Chocolate might be good for you.

Numerous health benefits

Chocolate has a lot of health benefits to your body. A single bar of dark chocolate can protect you against blood inflammation. This will lower your risk of developing heart disease and the likelihood of getting a heart attack. 

By consuming minimal amounts of chocolate, you can prevent blood clots reducing the risk of heart attack among other cardiovascular diseases. From various studies carried out, any blood platelets present in your body will easily clump together helping you prevent cardiovascular disease. 

In some cases, chocolate has been seen to prevent cancer due to the presence of a compound known as pentameric procyanidin. This compound disrupts the cancer cells’ ability to spread suppressing the growth and division which stops cancer growth.

Studies conducted at the University of L’Aquila, in Italy, showed that chocolate consumption increases the functioning of insulin. This reduces your risk of having diabetes. 

It also lowers the risk of stroke. This is because chocolate contains flavonoids, which have antioxidant properties that help fight strokes.

Harvard scientists noticed that eating chocolate enhanced blood circulation, improving blood flow after tests were conducted in various subjects. Due to the ease at which blood circulates through the arteries, this meant that chocolate allowed more blood flow to your brain.


Reduces coughing

Chocolate has the ability to control coughs due to the presence of theobromine, a chemical compound that induces the activity of the vagus nerve. This is a part of the brain that triggers coughing. 


Good for the skin

Contrary to people believing that chocolate can cause breakouts, chocolate, especially dark chocolate is good for your skin. The flavonoids in dark chocolate help protect your skin from harsh UV rays reducing sun damage. But, don’t just eat chocolate to protect your skin, apply sunscreen as well. Since blood flow and circulation is enhanced, this also increases skin hydration.


Good for brain function

Chocolate is known to improve cognitive function by strengthening your brain. Research has shown that chocolate and mostly dark chocolate protects your brain cells preventing you from getting a stroke. Apart from protecting your brain, it also helps improve your memories and mental impairment. 

If taken the right way and in small amounts, chocolate provides many health benefits. But, be cautious not to overeat. For similar benefits of cocoa with a less amount of calories present in chocolate, try making a cup of hot cocoa that lacks cream or sugar. Also, choose chocolate that contains at least 70% or a higher amount of cocoa content.