Book review writing is one of the common academic assignments that most students need to accomplish. This type of task requires a lot of effort because writing a paper is not enough; you are to read a book, analyze its contents, and make conclusions. Without all these, you won’t be able to deliver a consistent book review. If you want your literature review to be as interesting, objective, and detailed as possible, then just follow a few simple rules.

Rule 1 – Highlight the Important

When reading the book, it is important to highlight all the thoughts and quotes that are interesting to you and carry a key message. You can highlight them in the text, bookmark them, or write them out right away. In the case of e-books, everything is much simpler. You just need to select the desired fragment, and that’s it.

Rule 2 – Capture Impressions

Thoughts and ideas have a tendency to disappear as quickly as they appear, especially while you are reading something. Therefore, we recommend that you record the most important ones. For this purpose, you can use anything you have at hand – your phone, diary, notebook, etc.

Rule 3 – Analyze Information

Any book is backed with information, which is transformed into knowledge in the process of analysis. Before writing a review, it is necessary to review all your entries. Quotes will help refresh the plot and build a holistic picture of your impression of the book.

Rule 4 – Stick to the Right Structure

In most cases, only two things are expected from a book review: a story about what is written in the book and your personal opinion about it. So, when you start writing a review, you should think about the following:


  • A short overview of the book contents;
  • Your personal opinion about the book;
  • The persuasiveness of characters;
  • Book compatibility with a given genre;
  • The degree of intrigue and the uniqueness of the plot;
  • The complexity of the composition.


Make sure that you list everything that is interesting and important for you.

Rule #5 – Avoid Retelling

Find a balance when writing a book review – there should be less retelling of the text but more of your personal emotions. Of course, a good review should undoubtedly speak about the content of the book. And there should be more information in it than in the classical annotation. But it is worthwhile to understand that it is better to make the presentation short. You do not need to describe all the details and actions of each character.

Rule #6 – Ask Questions

Why did I get so hooked from reading this chapter? Why did I realize that other books by this author should definitely be read? Why am I obliged to share this information? Why is this book comparable to the books of classical authors? Asking yourself such questions and writing down the answers to them, you will create a very good review.

Rule #7 – Compare the Work with Other Works of the Author

In case you have read other books by this writer, then you can boldly draw parallels. Your thoughts and critical eye will be very interesting. Indicate whether the writing style and techniques of the writer are easy to see in the book. Is this book out of the ordinary and doesn’t look similar to other works of the writer? Such comparative literary analysis will be both interesting and useful to a reader.

Rule # 8 – Remember About Timeliness

Don’t postpone writing a review. The fresher and brighter your impressions from reading the book are, the more sincere and deeply you will be able to convey them to the reader. Over time, our thoughts may lose their former vitality. That’s why it is best to start book review writing with no delays.

Practice, Practice, and Practice Again

It is impossible to become a skilled writer by reading tips on how to become a writer. You will never become a famous artist by just watching a drawing course on the Internet. You can’t write a good review without practice. That’s why we recommend that you get your hand trained at writing reviews. You can be sure that with time, this task will become an easy thing for you.

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