The spouse visa provides an opportunity for people who are non-British to live and work in the United Kingdom. You can provide sponsorship for your family to come and live with you if they are either your husband, wife, civil partner, or proposed civil partner or your partner who you’ve lived with for at least two years. Other than those criteria, you should plan to marry or be a civil partner within six months upon arrival in the United Kingdom.


Eligibility for the visa application

The requirements needed for the spouse visa application are the following:

  1. Both of you should be at legal age, precisely above 18 years old.
  2. Both of you must marry each other legally and without any other interests to avoid marriages that are arranged due to personal interests.
  3. Both of you should live together permanently. 
  4. Both of you should have enough financial support for the needs of both of you without any issues with public funds. 
  5. You should earn equal or greater than £18,600 per year or have enough money to sponsor your spouse. The financial requirement is relatively higher than ordinary monetary funds if the sponsoring partner supports dependent children. 
  6. Suitable accommodation is also essential for you and dependents. 
  7. The English proficiency test is also a requirement to test if you can speak and read in the English language. 

The main requirements when you apply for a spouse visa are mentioned above. If you have these complete requirements, it will be easy for you to sponsor your spouse. 


Other Essential Thing To Consider

Convert your visa. 

You could apply for a spouse visa from other parts of the world or within the UK countries. Somehow, if you are in the UK with a fiance visa, work permit, or student visa valid for more than six months, you are eligible to convert it to a spouse visa. This is applicable if you are already in the UK and want to convert your visa. 


Proof of relationship

In able to strengthen the evidence of the relationship, both of you should provide legal proof so that they can legally oversee the existence of their partnership are the following:

  1. If the documents come from the government, a bank, landlord, utility provider, or medical professionals
  2. Records that can confirm the relationship with the partner 
  3. The records that you should provide should not be later than four years.


Example of proof of relationship 

Legal documents consulted with an immigration lawyer can be used to prove the existence of the relationship, including following: 

  1. Marriage certificate or civil partnership certificate
  2. Tenancy agreement, utility bills, or council tax bills confirm that both of you live at the same address or pay bills together. 
  3. Bank statements from a joint bank account confirm that both of you live at the same address. 
  4. Letters from medical doctors or dentists confirm that you live at the same address. 

If both of you don’t have any evidence that you can provide legally, other evidence can be provided by you; however, it lessens the chance that your visa can be approved. 

Other documents that can be used as pieces of evidence include the following: 

  1. You and your partner’s One-off bills such as veterinarian’s fee or home repair costs. 
  2. Letters that confirm both of you are on the voting register for the same address. 
  3. Student finance paperwork confirms that you live at the same address. 


Things should not be considered as legal shreds of evidence

Although plenty of documents can serve as legal evidence for partnership, things like greeting cards, travel tickets, receipts, photographs, and text or social media conversations are not considered solid evidence of the association. They are unlikely to help with the visa application. Legal evidence should be consulted with a lawyer in Birmingham.


Period of stay 

Your spouse can stay in the UK for two years and nine months using a spouse visa. But if you are applying for your fiancé, fiancée, or proposed civil partner, they can stay for six months. 

After this, you need to reapply for another visa to extend your stay. 


English language requirements 

You should be able to show that your spouse can speak and understand the English language. They should meet the English language requirement such as:

  1. A citizen from a national country outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland 
  2. Have a relationship with a British Citizen or a person settled in the United Kingdom 
  3. Want to immigrate to the UK as that person’s spouse. 



You should apply for a visa with certain knowledge towards the country, especially in the UK and their policies to avoid having problems in your stay. You should also be vigilant to avoid any problems in terms of your whole stay in the country. Learning about the country’s policy about their visa application is important even if you are married to a citizen of the specific country. You should be aware of those rules and regulations and what to do and to avoid in order to maintain a smooth sailing visa application.