It is well known that Italian men are fiery, passionate lovers. The famed Casanova was Italian and every Italian man seems to channel that same sex appeal. Don’t worry, this isn’t wizardry or some magic formula. These men are just supremely confident in their way to please a lady. Continue reading to find out how to make every woman fall at your feet… Italian style!

Though, you still need to find someone to hookup with. You might want to go to a local bar or perhaps use the help of many websites which specialize on hookups.

Be Yourself

Italian men will never tell a woman what she wants to hear if it is not true. The key to hooking up with a girl is being unapologetically yourself. Be who you are with confidence. If you’re into obscure films and sushi, don’t try and hide it.

However, you don’t need to shout about who you are from the rooftops. Be quietly confident. If a woman is compatible with your true self, she will be just as excited to meet someone who “gets her” as you are.

Also, women can tell when you’re lying, so compliment her in ways that are completely genuine. Don’t rehearse pick up lines. Say what’s on your mind, but remember to keep it respectful and positive.

Eye contact

Make eye contact from across the room. This shows you’re interested and will make you stand out from the other potential prospects. Maintaining eye contact also makes you seem confident. Look into her eyes when you talk to her and smile. Don’t be afraid to look away occasionally. Staring at her will seem creepy.

If you are not comfortable enough to make eye contact, she will think you are anxious or insecure. Let’s face it, many of us are anxious and insecure, but this is not something you want to share with a stranger. Women love confident men. Most Italian men are confident enough to look her in the eye and give her a winning smile.

Start a conversation

Italian men will walk up to a woman with an air of confidence and plenty to say. Unlike a lot of movies that might try to convince you otherwise, Italian men aren’t mafia criminals and slimy creeps. They are good conversationalists and great listenings first and foremost. Before starting a conversation, an Italian man will usually have something to say prepared. Be original and start the conversation about something that is unique to her. Is she wearing a band t-shirt? Great! Start a conversation about the band. If she genuinely has a nice smile or nice eyes, it’s ok to mention that too. Saying something like she caught your eye from the other side of the bar is a reasonable thing to say, but only if you mean it!

Get her number, stud!

If you enjoy talking to a girl and want to get to know her more, ask her for her number. Try saying something like, “I’ve enjoyed our chat – I’d like to talk some more. Can I have your number?” If she gives you her number, wait a couple of days before you give her a call and invite her to dinner.

On the rare occasion that an Italian man is rebuked, he doesn’t let it affect his self-esteem. He knows that he would rock her world, and it’s unfortunate for her that she doesn’t know it. Treat rejection with respect.

Take her somewhere quiet

Most Italian men take their date to an intimate Italian restaurant. Take her somewhere small, quiet, and cozy. There is nothing more romantic than good food and better conversation. To get to know this girl, share a bit of yourself.

A quiet restaurant allows you to converse without distractions. Be prepared to pay if you are the one to ask her out. If she says, she wants to pay half, respect her decision and let her.


Hooking up with somebody purely for sex and zero intimacy is unfortunately common among a lot of modern men. However, Italian men are stereotypically romantic, and they shower their sexual partners with romantic adoration. Buying your hookup flowers and leaving a romantic thank you note is the Italian way.

Every woman wants to feel special. It doesn’t mean she wants to fall in love or have you fall in love with her.

Italian men give and take equally. They wouldn’t dream of leaving a woman unsatisfied after a night of passion. Leave her with a happy memory and no regrets.

Go Get’ Em

Every man has a Casanova inside him. It won’t be long before you bring him to the surface. Sweep her off her feet and hookup with a hot girl tonight!