Have a Dinner at Famous Mob Restaurants in Chicago

Have a Dinner at Famous Mob Restaurants in Chicago

Chicago is definitely a city famous for its food, architecture, and people. Some of these people are known gangsters that have walked around the city and visited some places. Usually, these are bars, restaurants, and casinos where gangsters had lunch or a drink in a bar. 

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Chicago Pizza

You’ve surely heard this pizza restaurant if are from Chicago or you live there. What you might not know about this restaurant is that it has a mobster history. Some notorious gangsters had their pizza in this restaurant. St. Valentine’s that happened on the 14th of February in 1929 has indeed happened in this place. This event received a lot of attention as it hit the headlines in the newspapers. The way it is connected to this restaurant is that it happened a few meters away from this place, near to some of the garages where guns shooting was heard. 

Club Lucky

This is just another place in Chicago being affected by the St. Valentine’ s day massacre on the 14th of February in 1929. Bullet holes can still be found in this place, making it the perfect gangster mob-themed place to visit. This is not the only event connected with mobsters. It has a full history of gangster events and actions happening nearby. 

Twin Anchors

The restaurant, found in 1932 and located in the historic old town of Chicago is one of the oldest restaurants in the city. In the past, this restaurant belonged to a notorious gangster in the city, Bugs Moran. Visit this place if you want to eat where the Blue Brothers had a meal. Even though this restaurant has some mobster background back in the past, it is still known in the city for its BBQ. Also, this place has been visited many times by famous people, including Frank Sinatra who was a frequent visitor. 

Exchequer Restaurant

Back in the 20s, the name of the restaurant was 226 Club. There is a rumor that this place was visited by no other but Al Capone, where he had a drink during the prohibition period. Another reason that makes this place connected to mobsters is that Big Al lived only a few blocks away from this place. Many things make this place historical, as you can see newspaper headlines, old photos, and posters attached to the walls. Having mobster history is not the only reason to visit this place- it is also well-known in Chicago for the menu it offers and the range of meals that you can eat here.