While some people are naturally gregarious and love to mingle, no matter the background or setting, most of us tend to be a little shy or awkward when we are becoming familiar with people we have only just been introduced to. For that reason, alcohol has become a staple part of socializing across the globe, often going hand-in-hand with dating. As singles meet potential partners via dating services, arranging to meet in trendy bars or nightclubs is often high up on the agenda. A drink can be a relaxant as you are getting to someone better, lubricating your tongue and eradicating any lingering sense of nervousness or apprehension.

Cocktails are extremely popular for dates, as they combine mouth-watering and refreshing tastes in an incredible variety of flavors, with a potency that guarantees whoever drinks these concoctions is quickly feeling mellow, and ready to indulge in flirty conversation. But which cocktails are best for a night out? We decided to tap into the opinion of the users of one of our favorite dating sites to gauge their appreciation of the various concoctions being mixed in bars. We can give thanks to the flirtymature community for sharing their experiences in dating, and their knowledge of cocktail culture and their feedback has allowed us to print this definitive list of the most popular cocktails for your date night.

Singapore Sling

One of the most widely-enjoyed cocktails, a few of these will provide a pleasantly glowing undercurrent to your romantic connection. The constituents: eight parts gin, four parts cherry brandy, one part benedictine, one part Cointreau, two parts grenadine, 16 parts pineapple juice, and six parts lemon juice. Add a dash of bitters, shake it together, and you’ve got a succulent cocktail.


This cocktail has a definite Caribbean vibe. Four parts rum and mixed with three parts of lime juice. This is stirred together, then six refreshing mint leaves are popped in, together with two teaspoons of sugar and soda water is added. This is served on ice, and preferably in a tall glass.

Old Fashioned

This is a fairly straightforward mixture. To four parts of bourbon, two dashes of bitter are added, together with one part of water and, a small but crucial ingredient, a sugar cube. The entire cocktail is served ‘on the rocks,’ over a generous portion of ice.


One of the most popular date night cocktails of all, this mixture consists of seven parts tequilas with four parts of Cointreau. To this, a dash of lime juice is added, then served on the rocks. This should be enjoyed in a margarita glass for the full effect.

Mai Tai

An especially intoxicating cocktail, this brings together eight parts of white rum, and four of dark rum. Three parts of orange curacao (a sweet liqueur) are then mixed with three parts of orgeat syrup, and two parts of lime juice, before being poured over a portion of ice.

Bloody Mary

A distinctive-looking cocktail, the prime constituent of this refreshing drink is tomato juice (six parts), making it perfect for a dating night, although it is sometimes partaken as the proverbial ‘hair of the dog’ to counter excessive drinking the night before! Three parts of vodka are added to the tomato juice, along with one part of lemon juice and a stick of celery. This accounts for the high vitamin content of a Bloody Mary, so it is ideal if you or your partner have more of a savory than a sweet tooth.


Another massively popular refreshment, this consists of two parts whiskey, one part Vermouth, a dash of bitters, and the signature maraschino cherry on top. Delicious!

Cocktails come in such a wide range of flavors, sometimes exotic and served in captivating mixtures, the glasses teetering with fruit and decorative umbrellas, at other times in plainer presentations that still manage to pack an equally formidable punch. These drinks can be a terrific icebreaker, as you and a loved one can have a lot of fun working your way through the cocktail menu as you relax and get more familiar with each other. There is only one real note of caution, and to some extent, that’s down to common sense. Cocktails are generally heavily reliant on the addition of flavorsome ingredients, whether that’s sweet liqueurs, or fruit, making them easy to drink. But the average alcoholic content of one of these deceptively mellow brews can be up to 12% (as strong as a good wine) and frequently even more so, depending on the core ingredients. So just make sure that you don’t guzzle these so that they rush straight to your head and inspire you to act out of character! Rather, sip them gently, providing a series of delicious appetizers while you are engaging in meaningful conversation and flirty chat.