Exclusive Preview: To Be a King by Gunner Lindbloom

To Be a King is out for release on March 31, 2017 and follows in the footsteps of Omnio “King” Falcone as a brilliant young Mafioso who takes on the Detroit Syndicate, the Motor City’s resident Mafia faction, in this captivating new novel.

We spoke to the author, Gunner Alan Lindbloom, who had some more exciting news when he told us that:

“I’ll be sending signed excerpts to the first 500 people who purchase the book.”

Read To Be a King

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About the author

Gunner Alan Lindbloom

Gunner Alan Lindbloom was part of the Detroit Tocco Family, and has recently completed a 13 year stint behind bars. Now, he is on the verge of releasing his first novel entitled “To Be A King,” which is due for release March 31, 2017.

Alan will also be teaming up with the NCS in 2017, sharing some stories of his life in a segment called ‘The Lindbloom Stories“.