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Dr. Mary’s Monkey By Edward T Haslam

This is a great book. I really loved it and it’s a definite page turner. Problem is I can’t say how accurate any of it is. And I doubt any of the theories will ever be shown one way or the other.

While this book does touch briefly on some New Orleans Mob info this is really something geared towards the JFK conspiracy crowd.

The book centers on the mysterious death of Dr. Mary Sherman who’s mutilated body was found under a smoldering matress in her apartment in New Orleans early one morning in 1964. Her charred body was missing an arm and a portion of her rib cage with internal organs exposed. The apartment scene was an obvious attempt at covering up what really happened…..but in the almost 60 years since no clear picture of what did happen or who was responsible has emerged. Lots of great theories but this is just another portion of the JFK story that I think is destined to remain a mystery.

I think this is a must read for any JFK enthusiast. I’m not really in that category but tend to dig into anything on the New Orleans connections themselves. But even for the casual interest in the JFK story this is a great read.