Attendance is by personal invitation only, but our friend Alan Lindbloom, author of the very successful ‘To Be a King‘ has made it onto the VIP guest list for this incredible star-studded event. Heck, Al even got authorization from his Parole officer to make the trip down from Detroit to Florida.

To Be a King

A meeting of Kings…

The event is set to take place in Boca Raton this Friday, and Ciro and the production team are on the verge of launching the party of the year. One thing for sure is, The Mob King is making serious waves in the media and entertainment industry.

So what is The Mob King?

Produced by Ciro Dapagio, The Mob King is dubbed as the realist portrayal of organized crime to ever hit your television set. Based on a true story, The Mob King brings to life the Rackets that have made Miami the criminal hotspot its notorious for and depicts Ciro Dapagio’s rise and fall and subsequent climb back to seize what he believes is his.

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