Become A Made Man in The Secret Syndicate

Become A Made Man in The Secret Syndicate

Big things are happening, we can’t say too much here. Let’s just say we have teamed up with a number of influential people and we plan to team up with more. You know, a few deals here a few deals there. Anyway, the NCS turns 5 years old this year and we have decided for the first time ever, to open the books.

It’s called the Secret Syndicate and when you get Made into it, you will get a free “Our Thing” NCS T-shirt, a confirmation/oath letter, and a membership card. This is a private members club that offers restricted materials such as offers, discounts, promo codes, free giveaways throughout the year, restricted content such as new quizzes, games, articles, videos and a private chat area for Made Men.

Oh and did we tell you we have a Secret Syndicate authors area with the likes of Alan Lindbloom, Seth Ferranti, Scott Burnstein, Christian Cipollini, Joe Bruno and more to follow?

That’s all we can say, you’ll need to head to the memberships page to find out more.

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