Any Mafia Historians/Fans Out There? We Have a Job For You!

Any Mafia Historians/Fans Out There? We Have a Job For You!


Sometime ago we took control of another popular page on Facebook, from a friend of ours who decided to step down and pursue other interests.

Until now we haven’t really had a plan for the page – but after speaking with one of our admins and close friends Alan Lindbloom, we have decided to re-publish the page and take on some admins. The page is the Classic Gangster Society.

The page will be used for a range of Mafia posts, whether you are looking to promote a book, brand, another page, or whether you want to post some photos, facts, memes or quotes. This is your platform to post to over 40,000 people.

If you are interested just drop us a contact form submission below, include your name, country, what you want to post, if you have any specialist areas, and if you are part of any other groups, pages. DON’T FORGET TO INCLUDE AN EMAIL ADDRESS so we can contact you and organize adding you to the admin team on CGS.

We will see what the response is like and then our admins will get together to select admins.

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