Advertise with the NCS

Advertise with the NCS

WE are already considered “The Ivy League” of true crime history and journalism, and employ some of the best writers and researchers in the world. We have been featured and/or referenced in Time Magazine, Forbes, Washington Post, New York Times, Smithsonian and many more. We pride ourselves on being the best in the game, so anything we endorse or promote MUST be top shelf.

Over 100,000 Social Media Fans
Over 23,000 YouTube Subscribers
Over 70,000 visits to the website each month
Over 110,000 page views on the website each month

From 59,000 Pageviews in May 2019 to Over 110,000 in May 2020

Nearly 1 Million Pageviews Over The Last 12 Months


Download a copy of our site stats (includes demographics such as age, gender, country, new vs returning visits)

Below is a sample campaign. Adjustments remade in real time as we see what works and doesn’t work for your book.

  • Complete cross channel marketing campaign for your book.
  • 5-10 boosted social media posts over 5 weeks. (or longer depending on your package).
  • Homepage feature at the National Crime Syndicate website, with author bio and link to book
  • Cross channel sharing to nearly 100 mafia, crime, and book clubs groups/pages,
  • One feature editorial a week at the website and social media
  • Post feature book excerpts across all channels
  • Cross branding with related topics to create interest and buzz
  • Book will be listed in our latest edition (inaugural) web magazine “The Shakedown.”
  • We will employ our team of admins to share and promote the book and all related posts to dozens of pages, groups, clubs, forums and websites
  • Featured in our web library as a feature author, and remain there indefinitely.
  • An interview with Author and TV host Gunner Lindbloom, which which will be shared at his personal YouTube, his social media (100,000), and at the National Crime Syndicate YouTube.
  • Interview with Ian Barr on “The Wiseguy Hangout” podcast.
  • Cross branding and promotion at Gangster Report, a website and page with 90K subscribers.
  • Possible feature guest at the nationally syndicated “Original Gangster” with legendary true crime journalist and host, Scott. M. Burnstein.
  • There may be more as we tweak the campaign to see what is working and what isn’t. We may even do a series of interviews–podcasts and youtube shows to expand market reach
  • Weekly email blasts to our mailing list
  • Contests and a LIVE giveaways of the book
  • Live Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube interviews
  • Tenured established authors on our team will post reviews and write a blurb for the book

Why are we discounting these initial campaigns from to $2,000 to $500?  Loss leaders. Considering the amount of time and resources we put into them, we are losing a LOT of money. Keep in mind, some of the best writers in the world will be writing editorials, blurbs, and reviews on your book. We are talking best sellers, famous journalist, and crime historians who are the best in the game. One of our adjuncts has won a Pulitzer. These lost leaders are simply to carve out our place in the industry, and establish we can deliver.

Until recently, our focus was on short, highbrow articles on true crime. But we decided to focus more on high-end writing, top-shelf true crime authors and crime fiction novelists. Because it seems that’s what our market wants We are already considered “the Ivy League” of mafia and true crime journalism. We now want to be known as the Ivy League of true crime book writers and crime fiction writers. Our goal is to create a platform where fans and readers of the genre can go to find the next book they want to read.

We will see that EVERY book we take on is exposed to its EXACT target demographic. Nobody can deliver a true crime or crime fiction book to an EXACT target demographic better than we can. Impossible. Not unless they are a guest on The Today Show or some nationally syndicated talkshow. Which is essentially impossible for a first time author. We are the next best thing. The amount of press and media coverage we will give your book would cost thousands anywhere else.  Eventually, we will raise our campaign rates to the full $2,000 price. For now, our loss leader campaign packages are simply to build lasting working relationships with publishers and authors, and to prove that we can deliver as promised.

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Other Advertising Options

Promotional Post to Advertise Your Book or Product: $150

Full Page Advert in The Shakedown Mag: $50

Half Page Advert in The Shakedown Mag: $25

A Square Advert in The Shakedown Mag: $10

Advertise Your Item for Sale in The Shakedown: $10