5 Must-Try Foods and Drinks When Studying in Italy

5 Must-Try Foods and Drinks When Studying in Italy

If any student has an opportunity to spend one semester studying on Italian soil, a cultural shock is not the only thing that he will experience. For those studying abroad in Italy, this new landscape and mentality will be spiced with a taste of authentic Italian cuisine. Studying can be hard, so learning how to relax and enjoy life Italian-style is a must for future exchange students. There are some Italian food rules you must understand because, for them, eating is an art form and not just some quick snack activity. We will help you with some study abroad Italy tips which are mostly food-related and less about your future homework assignment, as we know that you got that covered already.

Bruschettas Are Among Top Must Try Foods In Italy

This dish is somewhere between a luxurious snack and one full meal, so it is a perfect energy booster after a hard day of college routine. It might be a surprise for Canadian students, but even a sliced bread with topping can be one carefully crafted work of art. Rule number one when it comes to Italian food rules is that every bite is sacred and an incentive to enjoy life to the fullest. You won’t regret one plate of bruschettas with a nice cappuccino after working on an exhausting assignment for a few hours. There are so many variations of this snack, and we encourage you to try them all. 

Fried Olives Will Make You Ace That Homework 

Know that school lunches in Italy are a little different from those in Canada, as Italians cant help using fresh and ripe ingredients. Even fresh olives are a treat but once you mix them with cheese or bread crumbs, they become one delicious and contagious appetizer. Enjoy some Bellin or Limoncello with your delicious olives. Another rule about food students need to learn here is that Italians will never miss an opportunity to mix some good cocktail with an appetizer. They also won’t hesitate to pay their separate bills.

Risotto With Mushrooms Will Do Wonders For Your Concentration

Students need good nutrition for keeping their focus on their homework studies, and nothing is more nutritious than creamy risotto with meaty champignon mushrooms. Do not mix bread with risotto, because you risk the whole restaurant putting some voodoo curse on you for such a sacrilege. Italian food rules might take time to adjust but so does studying in some foreign country. Do not be shy to use online help and do your homework with Edubirdie to get some good headstart. Knowing that your grades are in good order, you will have more time to enjoy delicious Italian food or wines like:

  • Brunello di Montalcino
  • Chianti Classico
  • Franciacorta
  • Cannonau di Sardegna
  • Barbaresco

Wines like Barolo or those made from Lambrusco grapes go perfectly with mushroom risotto, so do not order fruit juices or coca-cola instead. Be careful with that wine, because you came there to study and get good grades after all. Online help will get you only so far, as any real student needs to focus his effort on acquiring the knowledge. If you ever start doubting why study abroad in Italy is a good idea, know that you will find such a rich cultural life or cuisine nowhere else in this world. These studies can be a unique opportunity for Canadian students to broaden their outlook on different cultural habits and mentalities. 

Do Not Act Like You Tried Pizza Napolitana Before

Maybe you did try some Canadian version with parmesan cheese and a lot of ketchup involved, but that won’t do it in Italy. Even vegetarians can enjoy this heavenly mix of sweet tomato with mozzarella cheese and fresh basil. If you add some dry Campari or Amaretto liqueur, you are in for a dinner of a lifetime. Natural and fresh ingredients will make you appreciate the power of domestic cuisine and will make one ready for his homework assignments. One pizza can sometimes make a big difference along with some nice Limoncello to go with it.

Pasta Pesto Makes Studying Abroad In Italy A Delicious Experience

There are so many kinds of pasta but pesto is unique for several reasons. Every ingredient comes from a different part of Italy, so grasping Italian food while studying abroad in Italy will also educate you in some geography. Pignoli nuts from Sorento or mozzarella from Campania bring authentic flavor along with fresh basil leaves. This is not that industrial pesto sauce from supermarkets, but the one made with love plus a lot of patience. Add one glass of Rosso Piceno to that and no other pasta dish will ever be enough for your new taste.

Do your homework by exploring this colorful world of Italian cuisine. Studying abroad is not just about exams or writing an essay assignment every day. It is about meeting new people, trying new food, plus soaking up the world around you. If you have an opportunity to study in Italy, make it the best time of your life and learn to enjoy life just as Italians love to enjoy their food.