Every gambler’s dream is to stake a small amount of money and win millions in a blink of an eye. While achieving this dream may seem difficult, there are many people who’ve been rewarded with loads of cash after betting with a low amount. Today, we are going to share with you five of the greatest sports betting wins of all time to inspire and show you that everything is possible under the sun. Let us get started!

Biggest betting wins

From our list, we’ve chosen five of the greatest gambling wins in history. We’ve ranked them from the smallest to the largest amount of money ever won in the gambling world:

$6.49 million by Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather loves gambling. He is one of the best-paid athletes in the world. A lot of sportsman tend to place huge bets on different games ranging from basketball to football. He made headlines with his $6 million he bet against the Pacers. This bet earned him a staggering prize of $6.5 million.

One million pounds by Fred Craggs

Back in 2008, Fred Craggs, a Yorkshireman decided to celebrate his birthday by betting on a horse race. However, you can say that he wasn’t prepared to win loads of cash since he had only placed a bet of 50p. The eight-horse accumulator that he chose had extremely long odds. The bookmarkers gave him two million in odds. And it paid off in spades. Every horse came in as the old man predicted. In addition, he won one million pounds. He won without reading any guides or betting instructions. Can you even imagine what he could achieve, if he spent some time going through a guide on TN sportsbooks.

£550,823 by Yates

Back in 1998, Ascot racecourse became one of the best bets in history. At the time, Frank was a popular Jockey with gamblers. However, he was among the few people who weren’t sure about their chances. Out of the seven races that he participated in, he believed that he could win two. The gamblers disagreed and went ahead to bet on him. Among the gamblers on Illinois online sports betting market, Darren Yates was placed first. He placed a bet of £67.58 and combined the seven races into a single bet. It paid off in spades. While there were other winners that day, the one who won the most was Yates.

£500,000 by Mick Gibbs

Mick Gibbs is not just a construction worker but also a skilled gambler. Back in 1999, he placed a bet with £2.50 and ended up predicting accurately the outcome of nine football games in Europe that led to a win of £157,000. However, this is nothing compared to 2001 where he placed a bet of 30p and predicted the winners of fifteen games that were played across Europe. Although 14 of these games didn’t play out as he had predicted, he ended up winning £500,000.

Billy Waters

Before becoming a professional gambler in the sports world, Billy Waters was a talented poker player. In four decades, he had placed bets than anyone in history. And they paid back in millions. His most interesting bet was on the New Orleans Saints against Indianapolis Colts. At the time, the Saints used to be crushed by most teams. However, Billy Waters went ahead and placed the bet. The Saints ended up winning their first Super Bowl. Nobody has a clue how much he won. However, it was a substantial amount.


Every gambler’s dream is to bet with a small amount of money and win loads of cash or other amazing prizes. While achieving this goal is not easy, it is possible. Others have won. And so can you. You need to be a risk-taker and form the habits of successful gamblers to get the results that you’ve been dreaming of.