In this section of the site we pull together all our mob related videos, that we have created throughout the months.

Welcome To The National Crime Syndicate

Our YouTube channel will feature documentaries created by us, about the Mafia world. Whether it’s the most brutal Mafia hits, or videos on key dates in certain months, we will be bringing our own take on things.

The Top 10 Most Brutal Mafia Hits

The first in our feature length documentary where we uncover the top 10 most brutal hits of all time – some of which changed the face of the Mafia and how it operated moving forwards. We talk you through Mafia hits that made it onto the front page of newspapers across the world, from hits on the likes of Abe Reles, Albert Anastasia and Dutch Schultz.

The Top 5 Mob Rides

In this short documentary we look at some of the cars that mobsters drove in the 20th century, particularly between 1920 and 1990. From luxury, to movie cars, to getaway cars, we count them down from 1 to 5.

The Top 10 Best Dressed Mobsters

If you are anything like the mobsters in our top 10 list, if you have the money then you’re gonna flaunt it. Mobsters back in the 20th century certainly knew how to dress — they had style, class, charisma. With that said, let’s get on with our top ten best dressed mobsters of all time starting at number 10.

How Do You Become A Made Man?

In our latest mob documentary we explore the steps and traditions that a mobster has to take to become a man of honor.

How Is A Mafia Family Structured?

In this documentary we follow on from how you become a made-man in the Mafia. This video looks at how the Mafia is structured into a regimental style formation, from Boss to Associate.


What Went Down Series

Ever wondered what happened in a certain month? We pull together some fascinating stats and key events in the history of the Mafia.

Mobster of The Month Series

There are plenty of mobsters that have graced the media over the years, so we are dedicating each month to one mobster that has caught our eye. What makes them legendary, why were they so powerful?



Mob Clips

A collection of interviews and clips from the mob world.