September Mafia Timeline of Events

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September Mafia Timeline

1st September

Joe N Gallo

On this day in 1995 Joseph N. Gallo passed away. Joseph Gallo was a mobster who spent most of his criminal life working as a consigliere for the Gambino Crime Family. He was first given the position by Carlo Gambino in the early 1970’s a few years before the Gambino boss passed away, he then continued in the position after Paul Castellano took the ropes, and finally retained the position in 1986 when John Gotti took over the family.
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2nd September

Angelo DeCarlo

On this day in 1902 the Genovese Crime Family mobster, Angelo DeCarlo aka Gyp was born. Gyp was probably most notorious because he was the subject of a two-year FBI undercover operation from 1961 until 1963 which would tie Frank Sinatra to the mob, as well as exposing the extent of corruption in New Jersey.
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3rd September

Whitey Bulger

On this day in 1929 one of the most controversial mob bosses was born. Whitey Bulger was a former boss of the Boston Irish mob, also known as the Winter Hill Gang. Better known as Whitey Bulger he was indicted on 19 counts of murder, conspiracy to commit murder, extortion, narcotics distribution, money laundering and racketeering.
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4th September

Mickey Cohen

On this day in 1913 the King of Los Angeles was born, Meyer Harris who was better known as Mickey Cohen was part of the Jewish Mafia with strong ties to the Italian-American Mafia.
He would have turned 102 today.
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5th September
6th September

John Caifano

On this day in 2003 a high-ranking member of the Chicago Outfit, John Caifano who later became known as John Marshall, died of natural causes at the age of 92.
7th September

antonio lombardo

On this day in 1928 Al Capone’s former consigliere Antonio Lombardo was gunned down during a busy Chicago rush hour, where north State Street divides Madison Street between east and west. Capone vowed revenge and retaliated by killing four of Joe Aiello’s brothers.

8th September
9th September On this day in 2008 Nicholas Ferriola, son of one-time Outfit frontman Joe Ferriola, was convicted of running a gambling operation and of extorting a Chicago pizza chain. He was given a three-year prison sentence.
10th September

Sal Maranzano

On this day in 1931 Lucky Luciano’s hitman entered Sal Maranzano’s office building on the 9th floor of The Helmsley Building, posing as tax men to raid the building. Maranzano’s guards were disarmed, and fled the scene (including Mad Dog Coll who was about to sit in a meeting with Maranzano). Salvatore Maranzano would then be assassinated in mob style, drawing to a close the Mustache Pete era of the mob.
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11th September


On this day in 1980, Joseph Scalise and Arthur Rachel stole the Marlborough Diamond (a value of $960,000 in 1994) and $3.6 million worth of jewelry from a jewelry store in London, England, in broad daylight. The diamond has not been recovered. 

12th September
13th September
14th September
15th September
16th September
17th September On this day in 1923 George Meegan, a Chicago bootlegger, and a Southside O’Donnell member George Bucher, were killed by Frank McErlane.
18th September
19th September On this day in 1950 Harry Russell set a federal precedent in testifying before the Kefauver Committee. Russell was the first person in American history to invoke “The Fifth”.
20th September


On this day in 1926 Hymie Weiss and his crew ambushed Al Capone with a cavalcade of bullets during his stop at the Hawthorne Inn in Cicero, using 10 cars in a successive motorcade.Capone, being protected by his bodyguard Frank Rio, didn’t have a scratch on him, neither did Rio.

An innocent bystander was slightly injured in the attack, to which Capone gave $5,000 for her medical bills.

When Capone was asked who was responsible for that drive-by shooting, he reportedly said “Watch the morgue. They’ll show up there.”

21st September

Albert Tocco

On this day in 2005 a major member of the Chicago Outfit, Albert Tocco who was also known as Caesar, died from a stroke at the age of 76 after spending the last 16 years of his life behind bars.
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22nd September
23rd September
24th September
25th September

Shadow Man

On this day in 2009 the last known boss of the San Jose Crime Family passed away from natural causes at the age of 91. Manny Figlia ran the family from 1983 after the death of Angelo Marino up until his retirement in 1995. The family is now said to be officially extinct.
26th September

Albert Anastasia


On this day in 1902 Umberto Anastasio was born in Tropea, Italy. Better known as Albert Anastasia he gained a reputation as being one of the most violent hitmen and mob bosses of all time. Anastasia helped run the notorious Murder Inc with Lepke Buchalter during the 1930’s and 1940’s, a group of hitmen that were the mob’s enforcement arm.
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27th September
28th September
29th September
30th September

accardo home

On this day in 1978 a special federal grand jury was held to get to the bottom of the deaths of burglary murder victims associated with the break-in of Tony Accardo‘s home. Accardo was the first witness and flew through his time by taking “The Fifth”.