October Mafia Timeline of Events

October Calendar

1st October

Carmine Tramunti

Carmine Tramunti

On this day in 1910 the former boss of the Lucchese Crime Family, Carmine Tramunti was born in New York. He took over the Lucchese family after the passing of Tommy Lucchese back in 1967, with a helping hand from Carlo Gambino who used his power to help Tramunti take the reins. Read more: http://thencs.org/1j2B8Ww

2nd October

3rd October

4th October

Willie Moretti

Willie Moretti

On this day in 1951 the underboss in the Genovese Crime Family, and cousin to Frank Costello was gunned down in a mercy killing ordered by mob boss Vito Genovese. Willie Moretti was dining at Joe’s Elbow Room when gunmen opened fire on him. Read what happened: http://thencs.org/1M90lFA

5th October

shadow man

Michael Volpe

On this day in 1978 Tony Accardo’s “houseman” Michael Volpe was reported missing by a family member. He has never been seen since. A week before, the longtime friend of Accardo was up to testify in the case about the murdered burglars that broke into Accardo’s home. Volpe’s testimony took quite a bit of time, and allegedly it was “significant”.

6th October

Danny Greene

Danny Greene

On this day in 1977, in Lyndhurst, Ohio, Danny Greene who was an Irish-American mobster was killed in a car bomb outside Brainard Place office building, Greene died instantly. This all happened just a few months after his long-time ally John Nardi was also killed in a car bomb. Read more: http://thencs.org/1M9jyLy

7th October

8th October

9th October

10th October

Johnny Stompanato

Johnny Stompanato

On this day in 1925 Johnny Stompanato, the enforcer and bodyguard to Mickey Cohen was born in Illinois. Johnny first started off his life as a US Marine, leaving the service in 1946 after being discharged. Upon moving to Los Angeles he owned a gift shop, and was eventually introduced to Mickey Cohen. Read more: http://thencs.org/1WSQew9

11th October

paul ricca

Paul Ricca

On this day in 1972 Paul Ricca passed away. Paul Ricca was a Chicago mobster who served as the nominal or de facto leader of the Chicago Outfit for 40 years. Ricca went into semi retirement and gave his position of top boss to Tony Accardo, Ricca assumed the role of adviser a position he would maintain until his death of a heart attack on October 11, 1972. Read more: http://thencs.org/2d6D9xp

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holy cathedral

Hymie Weiss

On this day in 1926 and just three weeks after the last assassination attempt on Al Capone, Hymie Weiss and his bodyguard were gunned down and three bystanders were wounded when the gangsters walked into their gang’s clubhouse, the second floor of gangster Dion O’Banion’s old flower shop, on north State Street. Across the street from O’Banion’s flower shop, Holy Name Cathedral still bears the bullet holes today from the ambush on Weiss. Read more: http://thencs.org/29XnfZK 

12th October

13th October

14th October

15th October

Carlo Gambino

 Carlo Gambino

On this day in 1976 we marked the peaceful passing of one of the mobs greatest masterminds and leaders, Carlo Gambino. Carlo Gambino earned the family over $500,000,000 a year, gave the nod for many contracted hits, ran the family with an iron fist for over 20 years, and somehow never received an attempt on his life. Read more: http://thencs.org/1MthOZB

16th October

David Hennessy

David Hennessy

On this day in 1890 David Hennessy the police chief for New Orleans, David Hennessy was assassinated outside his home after returning from a meeting in town. The reason for the killing was to prevent Hennessy from giving evidence and testifying in and upcoming trial against the Provenzano gang. Read more: http://thencs.org/1ZHKuI0

17th October

capone tax

Al Capone

On this day in 1931 Al Capone was convicted of tax evasion following a four-day trial in Chicago. While Capone’s original jury had been bribed by his underlings, the presiding federal trial judge switched the jury at the last minute.Capone’s close associate Paul Ricca was quoted explaining that Capone had to go away for a while, for the benefit of the organization.

18th October

19th October

20th October


Hotel Sherman

On this day in 1926 Al Capone’s gangland conference took place as planned, at the Hotel Sherman, across the street from a chief of police headquarters. All of the major city gangs attended, and a still living North Side Gang member presented the conference’s opening talk. But, the conference’s goodwill was temporary.

21st October

22nd October

Pretty Boy Floyd

Charles Floyd

On this day in 1934 Charles Floyd who was more popularly known as Pretty Boy Floyd was shot and killed while being pursued by FBI Agents in Ohio. Read more: http://thencs.org/1PMBqh4

23rd October

Joe Aiello

Joe Aiello

On October 23rd 1930, Aiello was making plans to permanently leave Chicago, allegedly to move to Mexico. Upon leaving Prestogiacomo’s building, a gunman in a second-floor window across the street started firing at Aiello with a submachine gun. Aiello toppled off the building steps and moved around the corner, out of the line of fire. Unfortunately for Aiello, he stumbled into the range of a second submachine gun nest on the third floor of another apartment block. Aiello was taken to Garfield Park Hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival.The coroner eventually removed 59 bullets from his body. Read more: http://thencs.org/2dVOzpc

24th October

Dutch Schultz

Dutch Schultz

On this day in 1935 Arthur Flegenheimer who was better known as Dutch Schultz died from gunshot wounds received 22 hours beforehand. On October 23 at around 10:15pm The Dutchman was shot at the Palace Chophouse restaurant which he used as his base headquarters. The restaurant was situated at 12 East Park Street in New Jersey. During the shootout his two bodyguards and accountant were hit and died. Read more: http://thencs.org/1LMP3qV

25th October

Albert Anastasia

Albert Anastasia

On this day in 1957 Albert Anastasia, the Lord High Executioner was shot while sitting back in a Barber’s chair at the Park Sheraton Hotel on 870 7th Avenue (which is now renamed to the Park Central Hotel on 56th and 7th Avenue). Read more: http://thencs.org/1GpOx5n

26th October

27th October

John Gotti

John Gotti

On this day in 1940 the mobster we would all come to know as the Dapper and Teflon Don was born in The Bronx. John Gotti rose to prominence within the Gambino Crime Family during his criminal life, starting off in his teens by running errands for Carmine Fatico. He would eventually become the Gambino mob boss after the 1985 assassination of Paul Castellano. Read more: http://thencs.org/1RbDBZs

28th October

Charles "Millionaire Charlie" Matranga

Charles Matranga

On this day in 1943 the man widely considered the first Mafia boss of New Orleans, dies at his sister in laws home on Moss St., in New Orleans. Charles “Millionaire Charlie” Matranga, succumbs to natural causes at the age of 86, at approximately 12:15 am on the morning of Thursday, October 28. Read more: http://thencs.org/2eNvRDn

29th October

Frank Bompensiero

Frank Bompensiero

On this day in 1905 the former hitman and capo for the Los Angeles crime family was born. Frank Bompensiero, or Bomp as he was also known to many, would take part in many mob related hits during his active years but was only ever confirmed and charged for 5 of them. Read more: http://thencs.org/1il0nlF

30th October

31st October

Bumpy Johnson

Bumpy Johnson

On this day in 1905 the Harlem Godfather and Genovese Crime Family associate, Bumpy Johnson was born. Bumpy, whose real name was Ellsworth Johnson, was a feared mob boss who operated in the Harlem area, and he got his nickname Bumpy from a bump he had sustained on the back of his head earlier on in his life. Read more: http://thencs.org/1N1kJZH