November Mafia Timeline of Events

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November Mafia Timeline

1st November

Bert Rossi

On this day in 1922 Britain’s former gangland mob boss of London was born. Bert Rossi is most known for his role as the mentor to the Kray twins, but he was also the Gambino Crime Families man in Europe. Helping the US outfit establish their business in London.

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2nd November

Willie Sutton

On this day in 1980 the notorious American bank robber Willie Sutton died. Sutton was a bright-eyed, 5ft 7-inch gentleman who was always chain-smoking, and always talking. He had a wise head on his shoulders and was considered the best bank robber that has ever lived.
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3rd November

Dean O’Banion

On this day in 1924, Dean O’Banion would sign his own death warrant during a phone call to rival Angelo Genna. He would be killed in spectacular fashion just a week later.

O’Banion sat in with Al Capone, Frank Nitti, Frank Rio, and others to tally the week’s profits. It was mentioned that Angelo Genna had dropped a large amount of cash, plus a sizable marker. Capone recommended that they cancel the marker as a professional courtesy. O’Banion, instead, got Genna on the telephone and abusively demanded that he pay his debt within a week. Angelo Genna and his family could no longer be restrained.

Until then, Mike Merlo had refused to sanction a hit on O’Banion. However, Merlo had terminal cancer and died on November 8, 1924. With Merlo gone, the Gennas and South Siders were free to move on O’Banion, which they did just 2 days later.

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4th November

Frankie Shots

On this day in 1958 a Capo in the Profaci Crime Family known as Frankie Shots (Frank Abbatemarco) was shot and killed in a contracted hit put out by Joe Profaci. Abbatemarco fell behind with payments in protection money to Profaci, and when he couldnt raise $50,000 that he owed, hitmen took care of the rest.
The killing of Frankie Shots would end up sparking an all-out gang war between the Gallo’s and Profaci family which culminated in the killing of Joey Gallo decades later.Read More:
5th November

Stefano Ferrigno


On this day in 1930 one of the prominent New York mobsters of the prohibition era, Stefano Ferrigno, was assassinated during the height of the Castellammarese War.
Ferrigno was a mid-level leader in the Salvatore D’Aquila crime family in the 1920’s and he led an important gang that would take part in everything from bootlegging, gambling, prostitution, extortion and controlling the longshoremens unions.Read more:
6th November

Arnold Rothstein


On this day in 1928 Arnold Rothstein was shot and killed after he failed to pay a large debt that resulted from a poker game that was fixed by Alvin Thomas (Titanic Thompson). The debt was believed to have been around $319,000 that was owed to a number of other gamblers, which would equate to over $4 million today.
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7th November
8th November


On this day in 1924 Mike Merlo died of cancer. He was a significant figure of his day that all of the Chicago “talking heads” would gravitate to, Merlo was one who tried to foster “peace” and civility among the warring Chicago gangs. Unione Siciliana was then taken over by “Bloody Angelo” Genna.

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9th November


On this day in 1927 the singer and comedian Joe E. Lewis was slashed on the face and neck and left for dead in his Hotel room by henchmen associated with Outfit member Jack McGurn.

Lewis had been under contract in one of McGurns nightclubs but decided not to renew.

After the attack, Lewis initially lost his ability to speak, but regained it with therapy.

Al Capone stepped up and gave Lewis $10,000 to aid his recovery.

10th November

Dean O’Banion

On this day in 1924 Dean O’Banion was Killed. On the morning of November 10, O’Banion was clipping chrysanthemums in Schofield’s back room. Yale entered the shop with John Scalise and Albert Anselmi.

“Hello, boys” greeted O’Banion, “You from Mike Merlo’s?”

The man in the middle (Yale), nodded, and returned O’Banions handshake in a clasped death grip. At the same time, Scalise and Anselmi fired two bullets into O’Banion’s chest, two in his cheeks, and two in his throat.
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11th November

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day is observed on 11th November in most countries to recall the end of hostilities of World War I on this day in 1918. Hostilities formally ended at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.
12th November
13th November


On this day in 1925 Samuzzo Amatuna, an ally of the “Bloody Gennas”, was gunned down after sitting down in a barber shop chair in Cicero. The gunmen allegedly consisted of by North Side Gang members Jim Doherty and Vincent Drucci.
14th November


The Apalachin Meeting was a summit held on November 14, 1957, in which members of the mob came together to discuss mob operations and confirm family leadership. However, the meeting would soon become engrained into Mafia history, as it was to be a meeting that exposed the Mafia in an FBI raid that would result in 58 arrests.

15th November

Sam Giancana

On this day in 1960  Sam Giancana allegedly fixed the 1960 U.S. presidential election-day results in Cook County in favor of John F. Kennedy.
16th November

Salvatore Riina

On this day in 1930 former Sicilian Mafia boss, Salvatore Riina was born. Toto was known for his ruthless murder campaign throughout the 80’s and 90’s, which included the deaths of Antimafia Commission prosecutors Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino.
17th November
18th November
19th November


On this day in 1999 Dominic Cortina who was a Chicago mobster and high-ranking member of the Chicago Outfit, who oversaw gambling, died of cancer aged 74.

By the mid-1980s, Cortina was operating a highly successful sports betting empire, so much so that he was sent with Don Angelini to Las Vegas in order to pickup where Tony Spilotro left (after his murder).

Cortina never was associated with the violent faction of organized crime. In fact, he and Angelini were known for not strong-arming clients but instead treating them politely. In some cases, prosecutors said, the duo even suggested that their clients give up gambling for their own well-being.

20th November

Anthony Chiaramonti

David Hennessy

On this day in 2001 the highly feared Outfit enforcer Anthony Chiaramonti was shot five times and killed after a vehicle pulled-up beside him outside a Brown’s Chicken & Pasta in south suburban Lyons, Illinois.

The murder has not been solved.

On November 20 1890 the New Orleans Grand Jury returned indictments against 19 Italians for the murder of Police Chief David Peter Hennessey.

It was widely believed the murder was committed by Mafia elements in the city. It would later be determined that the defendants would be split into two groups and two separate trials would take place due to the amount of accused.

Antonio Bagnetto, Charles Matranga, Joseph Macheca, Frank Romero, Emmanuelle Polizzi, Antonio and Gasperi Marchesi, James and John Caruso, Loretto Comitz, Rocco Geraci, Pietro Monasterio, Charles Patorno, Bastion Incardona, Charles Traina, Charles Pietzo, Salvatore Sunzeri, Antonio Scaffidi and Pietro Natali would be slated to stand trial in 1891, the first nine defendants trial to commence in February.

21st November

Vito Genovese

On this day in 1897 Vito Genovese was born in Italy, to Felice and Nunziata, he had two brothers called Michael and Carmine who you may recognize from the organized crime world.
He rose to power in America during the Castellammarese War, and by the mid 1950’s Genovese was making a power move to become the boss of a crime family that he would eventually call his own.
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22nd November

John F. Kennedy

On this day in 1963 President John F. Kennedy was assassinated while being driven in a convertible in a presidential motorcade, in Dallas, Texas.

It’s been widely and hotly debated to this day whether the Chicago Outfit had anything to do with the killing.

23rd November

Murray Humphreys

On this day in 1965 the Outfit’s political fixer Murray Humphreys suffered a fatal heart attack.

A laceration was found on the back of his head, below his right ear.

Some believe that Humphreys could have been stuck with an empty hypodermic needle and had a shot of air sent to his heart, causing his heart attack.

Just prior to the heart attack, he’d had a visit at his apartment from some FBI agents where he’d pulled a gun on them.

24th November

Lucky Luciano


On this day in 1897 the Chairman of the Mob, Charles Luciano was born in Lercara Friddi in Sicily to his parents Antonio and Rosalia. Charles also had 4 other siblings, Bartolomeo, Filippa, Concetta and Giuseppe. By the age of 9 Charles and his family moved to the United States and settled in Manhattan.
Happy Birthday to the Chairman!
Read more about his early life: this day in 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald, accused assassin of President John F. Kennedy, is in turn assassinated in the garage of a Dallas Tx. police station by Jack Ruby who is a strip club owner with ties to the Chicago and Dallas Mobs.

Oswald was born in New Orleans and spent his teenage years living in Exchange Alley on the outskirts of the French Quarter which was a haven for pimps, prostitutes and gamblers at the time. Oswald’s uncle, Charles “Dutz” Murret, was a small time numbers runner for Sam Saia who ran operations from a French Quarter restaraunt called Felix’s Oyster House.

Saia was a member of the New Orleans Family. Oswald worked for his uncle in the summer of 1963 just before the assassination.

He’s buried in St. Bernard Cemetery in Chalmette Louisiana.

25th November

 Vito Genovese

On this day in 1936, Vito Genovese became a naturalized United States citizen in New York City. However less than a year later he fled to Italy with $750,000 cash and settled in the city of Nola, near Naples. With Genovese’s departure, Frank Costello became the new Luciano family acting boss.

It wasn’t until the summer of 1945 that Genovese would step-foot on US soil again.

26th November

Joe Adonis

Rudolph T. O'Dwyer

On this day in 1971 Giuseppe Doto, who was better known as Joe Adonis passed away at the age of 69 in Ancona, Italy. During lengthy questioning by Italian police and some abusive treatment, Adonis suffered a heart attack and was rushed to a regional hospital in Ancona. He died several days later on November 26, 1971.
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On this day in 1940 Rudolph T. O’Dwyer succumbs to a month long illness at the Hotel Dieu hospital in New Orleans.O’Dwyer was born in New Orleans but lived most of his life in Jefferson LA and was an early gambling proprietor, political figure and sportsman. He, along with brother George, ran some of the biggest gambling establishments in Jefferson including Club Forest, The Original Southport Club and O’Dwyers. Like many others at the time he was indicted in 1936 for tax evasion for the years 1929 through 1931 and pled guilty to the charges. He was ordered to pay around $34,000.00 including taxes and fines. He filed a civil action to recoup some of the money but was defeated in the attempt and assessed more fines finally totaling around $43,000.00.He was 60 years old and is interred in Metairie Cemetery in New Orleans.

27th November

J. Edgar Hoover

On this day in 1957 and in the wake of the disastrous Apalachin conference, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover ordered all FBI field offices to implement his “Top Hoodlum Program: Anti-Racketeering” and assign agents to investigate organized crime in those cities.
28th November
29th November
30th November