March Mafia Timeline of Events

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March Timeline of Events

1st March

Anthony Anastasio


On this day in 1963, and 6 years after his brothers Barber shop assassination we saw the death of the younger brother of crime boss Albert Anastasia, Anthony Anastasio. Tough Tony was a mobster who controlled New York City’s docks for several decades.
2nd March

John Gotti


On this day in 1992 would be a day that the book was thrown at John Gotti. After calling an eyewitness of the Sparks hit who identified Gotti associate John Carneglia as one of the men who shot Bilotti, they then brought Sammy Gravano in to testify. Less than a month later Gotti was given life imprisonment without parole.

3rd March

Carlos Marcello

On this day in 1993 The Little Man, Carlos Marcello, passed away. Carlos has been ill for many years and the last years of his life were spent in his white marble, two-story mansion overlooking a golf course in Metairie, Louisiana. Marcello was the New Orleans boss from the 1940’s through to the 1970’s and was involved in many conspiracy circles, from violating federal racketeering laws to his involvement in the JFK assassination in 1963.

4th March

Lepke Buchalter

Louis Capone

Mendy Weiss

On this day in 1944 two Murder Inc hitmen and their mob boss took a long walk to the Sing Sing electric chair for their part in the Joseph Rosen murder, but more importantly the testimony from mob turncoat Abe Reles. Louis Capone took to the chair first, followed by Mendy Weiss, and finally Lepke Buchalter the Murder Inc boss.
5th March

Richard Kuklinski

On this day in 2006 Richard Leonard Kuklinski, also knows as The Iceman died at the age of 70 inside prison where he was serving 5 murder counts. Kuklinski was a contract killer for the DeCavalcante crime family, and had associations to the Gambino family through Roy DeMeo. At his peak he weighed in at 300 pound, and stood at 6’5″ tall. He is said to have killed between 100 and 250 people in 8 years but his claims are varied.
6th March

Shadow Man

On this day in 2009 the last known boss of the San Jose crime family passed away of natural causes at the age of 91. Emmanuel Joseph “Manny” Figlia was born in Brooklyn but moved to San Jose the year after World War II ended. From 1983 until retirement in 1995 he controlled the family which is now said to be defunct after Manny’s death.
7th March

Abe Bernstein

On this day in 1968 the Prohibition-era leader of the Purple Gang, Abe Bernstein, passed away. He ran the Purple Gang with his brothers Raymond, Isadore (Izzy), and Joseph. Bernstein’s Purple Gang were also the main supplier of whiskey for the Chicago Outfit which was fronted by Al Capone in the late 1920’s, so it is believed that Abe was the man behind the set-up which involved him trying to sell a recently hijacked liquor shipment to be delivered to the garage where the St Valentines Day massacre occurred.
8th March

Nicky Scarfo

On this day in 1929, just a few weeks after the St Valentines Day Massacre the world would greet Nicodemo Domenico Scarfo, who later went on to become one of Philadelphia’s most brutal and violent crime bosses. Just like Al Capone, he enjoyed the celebrity mob lifestyle, and some may say he was too arrogant and flashy – which led to his downfall, and nearly the Philly mob. He is still alive, aged 85, and currently in the Federal Medical Center at Butner. His expected release date is 2033, when he will be 103 years old.
9th March

Vincent Alo

On this day in 2001 we saw the passing of Jimmy Blue Eyes, who died at the grand age of 96. Vincent Alo as he was better known, was a key part of the Genovese Crime Family and aided mob associate Meyer Lansky in setting up casino operations in both Florida and Cuba. He started work on Wall Street at age 14, and by the time he was 22 he was a made man. He died of natural causes.
10th March

Placido Rizzotto

On this day in 1948 Placido Rizzotto, who was an Italian socialist peasant and trade union leader was assassinated by Sicilian Mafia boss Luciano Leggio. Pieces of Rizzotto’s mutilated body were discovered two years later at the bottom of a cliff with his limbs chained up, and a bullet hole in his head.
11th March

Joseph Ferriola

On this day in 1989 Mr Clean, aka Joseph Ferriola who picked up as the head of the Chicago Outfit after Joey Aiuppa and John Cerone were sent to prison, died after having a second heart transplant at the age of 61. He lead the family from 1985 until 1988 and was quoted as a “cold-blooded terrorist”. He was also the first mobster to undergo a heart transplant.
12th March

Joe Petrosino

Salvatore Lima


On this day in 1909 Lt Joe Petrosino was ambushed in Palermo, Sicily and assassinated by the Mafia. He was a pioneer in the fight against organized crime in New York City, and over 200,000 people took part in his funeral procession. In 1987, the name of a small triangular park in lower Manhattan was changed from Kenmare Square to Lieutenant Joseph Petrosino Square in his honor.

On this day in 1992 Italian Politician Salvatore Lima was gunned down by the Sicilian Mafia, most notably by a gunman on a motorbike who shot out his chauffeur driven car tyres, and then proceeded to approach the car that had ground to halt. Lima tried to flee the scene but the hitman ran over and fired a shot into his back followed by one to the neck before hopping back onto his bike and speeding away.

13th March

Francesco Ciccio Madonia

On this day in 2007, Italian mob boss Francesco Ciccio Madonia, who sat on the Sicilian Mafia Commission for 29 years died in a prison hospital in Naples where he was serving out seven life sentences. He took part in many of the bloody battles of the 1980’s and was 82 at the time of his death.
14th March

Joseph Macheca

‪On this day‬ in 1891 we saw one of the oldest mob bosses pass away. Joseph Macheca is said to be among the first to establish a Mafia Organization in the new world, and headed up the New Orleans family. His death was brutal as he has been on trial for the murder of a police Chief, but was acquitted with 8 other mobsters. Whilst still in police custody a group of mobsters stormed the prison and captured 11 suspects in the police Chiefs assassination, they were all murdered later on. This was the largest kind of mob lynching in US history and went on to be known as the Crescent City Lynchings.
15th March

Aniello Dellacroce

Phil Testa


On this day in 1914, a few months before World War I broke out, Mr.Neil was born in New York. Aniello Dellacroce was an underboss for the Gambino and mentor to future boss John Gotti. He took over as underboss to Carlo Gambino when Joseph Biono stepped aside, but never made it to the top due to a decision by Carlo Gambino where he chose his cousin, Paul Castellano. One NYPD Detective stated that Dellacroce was one of the scariest individuals he had ever met, whilst another said that he had the eyes of a killer.

On this day in 1981 The Chicken Man, Phillip Testa was killed in a nail bombing that was ordered by his underboss Pete Casella. This hit came a year after the Angelo Bruno murder, the Tony Caponigro murder, and kicked off a 4 year long Philadelphia mob war which saw over 30 bodies lying dead on the streets. The bombing on Testa was so powerful that pieces of his body were scattered blocks away.

16th March

Joseph Rugnetta

On this day in 1896 Joe The Boss was born. Although, not the Joe The Boss you think we are referring to. This Joe The Boss was Joseph Rugnetta who was a Consigliere with the Philadelphia Crime Family from 1936 right through to his death in 1977, after over 40 years of being the Philly mobs Consigliere the position was then filled by Antonio Caponigro.
17th March

Santo Trafficante

Nicky Corrozzo


On this day in 1987 the Florida based mob boss Santo Trafficante Jr passed away at the age of 72. Trafficante was one of the last of the old-time Mafia bosses in the United States. He allegedly controlled operations in Florida and also in Cuba, as well as maintaining links to the Bonanno family, in New York City. As well as being the most powerful figure in Florida and one of the most powerful mobsters in prerevolution Cuba for the best part of the 20th century, Trafficante also came into contact with various U.S. intelligence operatives, and was said to be involved in several unsuccessful plans to assassinate Cuban President, Fidel Castro, as well as being identified as possible suspect along with Sam Giancana in the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963.

On this day in 1940 the former acting boss of the Gambino Crime Family, Nicholas Corozzo was born. Little Nick was a rival of John Gotti during the 1980’s but because Corozzo was a good earner for the family, Gotti didn’t get rid of him by the time he became boss in the mid-80’s. By the mid-1990’s with Gotti behind bars, Corozzo stood in as acting boss but was then jailed in 1997, and then spent the next 11-12 years in and out of jail. His expected release date is March 2, 2020. By which time he will be 78 years old.

18th March

Joseph Vallone

On this day in 1952 the third boss of the Milwaukee Crime Family, Joseph Vallone died from natural causes. Joe lead the family for 22 years from 1927 until his retirement in 1949. During his reign as boss he saw The National Crime Syndicate formed in which it was announced that the Milwaukee family would remain under Chiacgo Outfit power, answering only to them. On this day in 1999 the New York mobster Gerlando Sciascia, who was a capo in the Bonanno Crime Family was killed in an SUV with a single shot to the head from a silenced gun. The killer was Patrick DeFilippo acting on orders from Joe Massino. In a private note Massino claimed it served him right for telling him how to run the family.
19th March

Vito Di Giorgio

Frank Nitti

Ignazio Lupo

On this day in 1880 one of the early Los Angeles crime bosses,Vito Di Giorgio was born in Palermo, Sicily. In his 42 years he survived two assassination attempts, and was feared by members of other crime families. His downfall came on a trip to Chicago in 1922, and similar to the Albert Anastasia hit some 35 years later, Di Giorgio was settling back in a barber’s chair when gunmen crept in behind him and shot them at close range.

On this day in 1943 the Chicago Outfit’s Enforcer, Frank Nitti took his own life in a railroad yard. Nitti was facing another long prison sentence but suffered from severe claustrophobia, so decided to drink heavily on the morning of March 19, before loading up a .32 caliber pistol. He has so much to drink and was nervous that he missed his head with the first, and then struck his jaw with the second, before the fatal third bullet went in behind is ear and through to the top of his skull.

On this day in 1877 Ignazio Lupo was born. Lupo the Wolf was born in Corleone before moving to New York in 1898 at the age of 21. He became a part of the newly formed Morello crime family and was responsible for at least 60 mob hits from the age of 21 through to the age of 33. He was then slung into prison on a 30 year sentence but came out after only 10. During this period the National Crime Syndicate had been established by Lucky Luciano and Lupo was forced into early retirement.

20th March

Gennaro Angiulo

On this day in 1919, the year before Prohibition was introduced in the U.S. Gennaro Angiulo was born. Jerry as he was better known as was a New England Crime Family boss, who rose through the ranks under Raymond Patriarca during the 60’s through to the 80’s. Jerry died at the grand age of 90, in 2009 from Kidney disease.
21st March

Angelo Bruno

On this day in 1980 the Gentle Don, Angelo Bruno who was born Angelo Annaloro took a shotgun blast to the back of the head as he sat in the passenger side of a car parked outside of his home. 69 year old Bruno was killed on orders by his Consigliere, Antonio Caponigro. This incident was to spark a rebellion as Caponigro was killed a few weeks later, and then a year on Phil Testa was killed by a nail bomb situated under his porch.

22nd March

Shadow Man

On this day in 1978 Paddy Macchiarole, better known as Paddy Mac, who was a Genovese Crime Family mobster was shot in the head multiple times. His body was discovered the day after in the trunk of a brand new Cadillac that he had only just purchased. His death was at a time when other mobsters were being taken care of, to prevent any case being brought to court that could see Genovese capo James Napoli sentenced.
23rd March

Thomas Bilotti

Thomas Bilotti

On this day in 1940 New York mobster and Paul Castellano’s right-hand man, Thomas Bilotti was born. Bilotti served as underboss for just two weeks in the Gambino Crime Family which was the period after Aniello Dellacroce’s death to his own death. Bilotti was spectacularly gunned down in gangland style ambush, just before 6pm on the night of December 16, 1985.
24th March

Virginia Hill

On this day in 1966 the world would mark the passing of Virginia Hill who not only became Ben Siegel’s lover, but also had love interests in Joe Adonis. Hill appeared in the 1951 Kefauver hearings on organized crime which labeled here as the Queen of the Gangster Molls, and died under suspicious circumstances in Austra at the age of 49. She died from an overdose of sleeping pills, but many conspiracy theories have pinned her death on the mob.
25th March

Shadow Man

On this day in 2001 Chicago Outfit mobster Dominick Basso, who made a name for himself as a high-profile bookmaker in the 1980’s died at the age of 63. Basso was most famous for the Pete Rose gambling scandal in which the retired baseball star placed high wagers on major-league baseball games through Basso’s bookmaking wire room.
26th March

Frank Cali

On this day in 1965 Franky Boy was born. Aka Frank Cali is said to be the Gambino’s current underboss to Domenico Cefalu. Cali had several high-profile Sicilian Mafia ties, and would often meet with Sicilian mobsters who make the journey across the US in drug trafficking operations. In 2013 it was reported that Cali shunned the chance to become Gambino boss.
27th March

phil leonetti

On this day in 1953 Crazy Phil Leonetti was born. He of course is the uncle and former underboss to Nicodemo Scarfo in the Philly mob. After turning government informant, Leonetti made some TV appearances, as well as co-writing books on the mob. At the time he was the highest-ranking mobster in the American Mafia to turn informant. He was responsible for 10 murders, which carried a prison time of 55 years.
28th March

Vincent Mangano

On this day back in 1888 Vincent Mangano was born in Palermo, Sicily. He was given the name as ‘The Executioner’ by the media and ran his own family for 20 years between 1931 to his death in 1951. His brother Philip was his underboss during this period. Eventually his family became what we now know the Gambino family, but not before a stint as the Anastasia family (1951 – 1957). His downfall was at the hands of The Lord High Executioner, Albert Anastasia. Vincent’s body has never been found.
29th March

Vincent Gigante

On this day in 1928, Manhattan would welcome the birth of The Oddfather. Vincent Gigante who ended up dying in prison at the age of 77 started off life as a professional boxer, then went on to work for his mentor Vito Genovese,  failed in a hit on Frank Costello and eventually became the boss of the Genovese Crime Family from 1981 up until his death in 2005. Oh, and he also walked the streets in a bath robe.

30th March

Donald Frankos

On this day in 2011 the Lucchese Crime Family associate Tony the Greek, better known as Donald Frankos died at the age of 73 in Dannemora. Frankos claimed to have taken part in the murder of Jimmy Hoffa, along with John Sulliva and Jimmy Coonan. Hoffa was said to have been shot in the head, and then was dismembered and left in a meat locker before being transported to an oil drum and buried under the Giants Stadium.
31st March

Joe Sullivan

On this day in 1939 Mafia hitman Joe Sullivan was born in Queens, New York. He is currently serving three life sentences and still hold the title of the only known person to escape from Attica, in 1971. Sullivan was said to have been the mobster who transported Jimmy Hoffa’s body putting it in an oil drum, and in 1978 carried out a failed hit attempt on Carmine Galante. A year later, Galante was taken care of by another team of hitmen.
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