Famous Mob Quotes (Part 3)

“There isnt anything on earth that I will hide from or back up from” ~ Greg Scarpa

“I killed Papalia for $2,000 and 40 grams of cocaine, then I killed Barillaro” ~ Ken Murdock

“You’re dead, dear friend, you’re dead. You won’t get to the end of the street still walking” ~ Louis Campagna

“I have no control over anybody” ~ Tony Accardo

“I am an American citizen, first class. I don’t have a bade that makes me an official good guy like you, but Im work just as honest for a living. ~ Lucky Luciano

“That was the beginning of the end of our thing. ~ Anthony Casso

“It’s better to live on day as a lion than a hundred years as a lamb” ~ John Gotti

“The United States of America versus Anthony Spilotro. ‘Now what kind of odds are those?” ~ Anthony Spilotro

“Carlos screwed up. We shouldn’t have killed John, We should have killed Bobby” ~ Santo Trafficante

“For nearly a 30 year period after the Castellammarese War no internal squabbles marred the unity of our family and no outside interference threatened the family or me.” ~ Joe Bonanno

“Hey Frank! This one’s for you!” ~ Vincent Gigante

“You sons of bitches, I got a family” ~ Johnny Dio

“Accardo had more brains for breakfast than Capone has in a lifetime” ~ Paul Ricca

“Nothing doing. The boys’ll get ’em. It’s nobody’s business but mine who put these slugs in me!” ~ Owney Madden

“We shot him in the head, stuffed him in the trunk, then dumped him for good.” ~ Nino Gaggi

“It’s all yours, Al. Me? i’m quitting. It’s Europe for me!” ~ Johnny Torrio

“Have you ever seen an elephant?” ~ Sam DeStefano

“If you don’t do whatcha supposed to, i’m going to lock your kid in the fuckin’ refrigerator” ~ Jimmy Burke

“I would move Heaven, Hell and anything in-between to get to you” ~ Richard Kuklinski

“I’m only going out for a few minutes” ~ Anthony Strollo

“He grabbed my hand and he gave me a kiss. This was a suspicious kiss. This was the kiss of death.” ~ Joe Valachi

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