Famous Mob Quotes (Part 2)

“I like to be myself. Misery loves company” ~ Anthony Corallo

“Other kids are brought up nice and sent to Harvard and Yale. Me? I was brought up like a mushroom.” ~ Frank Costello

“Run from a knife and rush a gun.” ~ Jimmy Hoffa

“There are three sides to every story. Mine, yours and the truth.” ~ Joe Massino

“Don’t let your tongue be your worst enemy.” ~ John Franseze

“I called your f—— house five times yesterday, now, if you’re going to disregard my m—– f—— phone calls, I’ll blow you and that f —— house up… This is not a f—— game. My time is valuable. If I ever hear anybody else calls you and you respond within five days, I’ll f—— kill you.” ~ John Gotti

“Behind every great fortune,there is a crime!” ~ Charlie Luciano

“Always overpay your taxes.That way you’ll get a refund.” ~ Meyer Lansky

“I’ve seen many lives destroyed. I’ve seen more people have problems with gambling than I have with drugs and alcohol. And there are some serious consequences if you get in over your head.” ~ Michael Franseze

“You heard of the double cross? In this business you gotta watch for the triple cross. You gotta aways be alert. There’s so much jealousy. Guys always trying to set you up, put you in traps. Trying to get ya killed. There was so much viciousness in this thing.” ~ Nick Caramandi

“My uncle always told me, ‘you always have to use your brains in this thing, and you always have to use the gun” ~ Philip Leonetti

“Honest people have no ethics” ~ Sam DeCavalcante

“Never open your mouth,unless you’re in the dentist chair” ~ Sammy “The Bull” Gravano

“The United States of America versus Anthony Spilotro.’Now what kind of odds are those?” ~ Anthony Spilotro

“We don’t break our captains. We kill them.” ~ Vincent Gigante